How To Give An Experienced Touch To Your Home Décor

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We all want to decorate our house like pros.

However, sometimes, it is hard to know what you should and shouldn’t do so you don’t get it wrong.

Creating a comfortable yet professional look for your home’s interior can be a complicated, yet fun and exciting experience. This is why most homeowners decide to take on this project themselves.

So, today, I’ll leave you with useful tips from leading home designers on how you can add an experienced touch to your home décor!

  • Layer The Lighting

According to designers, even the most stylish interior can look cheap, boring and dull without decent lighting. But, a simple environment with the perfect highlights is almost like the work of an artist.

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Remember, ambient lighting always makes a room feel cozy. Place table lamps and floor lamps at different heights around the room— it’s the essence of a romantic design. You can hang lights such as chandeliers and pendants low over dining room tables, but make sure it’s high enough so taller people do not bump their heads. Sconce, on the other hand, look great in larger rooms but can occupy too much wall space and limit your options in smaller rooms.

  • Don’t Ignore Arts

Nothing personalizes a home interior like an original and beautiful piece of art or a family portrait. Adding a unique and personalized touch to your home interior, arts and photo frames give the space the right atmosphere and mood.

Plus, a carefully selected image and the correct location can be a powerful point of focus and serve as a bright accent that is crucial to share your design message.

  • Ask Help From Mother Nature

Not sure how to create a harmonious color scheme for your home’s interior? Don’t know whether various shades will work well with each other? Here’s a piece of advice from a pro:

Ask Mother Nature for a hint.

Nature clearly shows us which colors look great together, through the sky, water, trees, flowers as well as sand and wood. You get varying ideas to experiment on.

  • Decorate the Basement

Whether your basement takes up the entire floor of your home or just a small room, there are plenty of choices in terms of using the space instead of it just being the laundry room.

Create a lounge-worthy basement, add a bar, a huge TV and lounge area. Add shelving from top to bottom of your basement walls and hang racks to store other items.

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But, before decorating the basement, you will need waterproofing Johannesburg to ensure longevity so no problems will arise in the long term.

  • Be Bold

Personality makes a great space. So, make your very own statement and have fun decorating. The more you try, then the more you will start to see what works and what doesn’t.

Add unexpected elements to create drama. Add oversized chandeliers or library style bookshelves to create an unconventional and charismatic living room. Try to avoid expected pieces if you really want a room that impresses!

  • Choose A Focal Point

In any production, there are leading roles and a supporting cast. This is also true in home design. So, choose your star and make it the focal point to anchor the room. Don’t allow everything to play the leading role, give elements the secondary role; otherwise, it’ll just create visual noise.

A focal point can be a headboard in the bedroom, an art piece and mantel in your living room or a dramatic hood in your kitchen. Whatever it is that you choose, make sure it draws attention.

  • Give The Furniture A Breathing Room

Avoid overcrowding a room. Gracious living only means enough space to move around with ease. Plus, it is great news if are on a tight budget.

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You do not need to fill up space with furniture. Instead, spend more money on fewer high-quality pieces. This will make your room look better than being stuffed with flea market finds. Allow furniture to stand out by reducing its competition.

  • Pick The Perfect Paint Color

When picking a paint color, consider your light sources. Also, you want something that can complement your rug, artwork, upholstery and whatever else.

Consider going for a perfect shade of white that will flatter any color tone. Or be bold and choose a dark shade of brown, red or even black. Also, take note that ceilings painted in cream or white tend to make the room look larger.



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