How To Stay Safe While Driving

As a driver, the lives of everyone in the vehicle—including yours—depend on your skills on the road. Of course, the first step towards safe driving is understanding how to operate that particular machine. Despite their expertise in this department, many people still end up in road accidents. But, why is this so?

Well, if you follow closely, you’ll realize that most of these people fail to follow the basic rules of a driver. For one, attention is very crucial while on the highway because anything could happen at any time. Also, being proactive in certain situations is a skill that no one will ever teach you, but it’s among the most important ones. Remember that doing the right thing all the time will put you at an advantage when seeking help from a legal professional.

Do you want to learn more about staying safe while on the wheel?  Keep the following tips in mind:

     1. Remember Your Seat Belt

How many times do you remember to wear your seat belt?  That belt, which many people seem to ignore, can cut your chances of being seriously injured by half. In case of instant breaks, this will keep in you in position and prevent you from hitting your car’s windscreen. So, before you start driving, make sure you adjust that seat belt and wear it. Of course, it’s already a traffic rule in almost every country, but you don’t need to wait for a traffic officer to remind you about these safety tips. As the end of the day, they’re for your own good.

     2. No Cellphones!

A huge percentage of road accidents happen because drivers weren’t attentive enough. One of the most distractive things while driving is a mobile phone. Cellphone etiquette seems to be ignored by many drivers, which has led to loss of lives. You can easily become a victim of cellphone distraction while driving due to phone calls or the sounds made by incoming text messages. 

For instance, if you’ve been eagerly waiting for someone’s feedback, and then you hear a notification on your phone, you’ll be overwhelmed to read the message. In the process, you might lose focus and the repercussions could be severe. It’s, therefore, recommended that you put your phone in ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. You can then make stops along the way so that you can have time to respond to any text messages or calls. Don’t let one notification lead to a life of regrets; be a responsible driver!

     3. Defensive Driving

As earlier stated, you ought to be proactive in your actions as a driver, which refers to defensive driving. It’s important that you become aware of what’s going around you every time you’re on that highway. For one, make sure you give yourself a two-second space from the next vehicle. This time should be extended to about four seconds when the weather isn’t favorable. As such, in case of an abrupt occurrence, like emergency brakes, you’ll be able to react just in time to avoid any accident. 

Also, use both side mirrors appropriately. Many people concentrate on the driver’s side mirror and forget about the other one. Well, inasmuch as the traffic rules specify the side that all motorists should overtake from, sometimes, things may not go as expected. Don’t always make an assumption that everyone is following the law, although that’s what’s expected of all drivers. Therefore, it’s upon you to take responsibility of your safety, and let the law decide who’s at fault if an accident occurs.


Road safety is one thing that many people still take for granted despite the rising cases of car accidents. You ought to understand that your safety starts from the time you set foot in the motor vehicle. Apart from fastening the safety belt, you should also set the ‘DND’ mode on your phone to avoid distractions along the way. Once on the highway, always be aware of whatever is happening around you, both within and outside the vehicle. This way, you’ll be able to plan your defensive tactics even before disaster strikes. 



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