How to Set Up Productive Remote Learning Environments

As the school year starts up again, parents, educators, and students may be experiencing another year of remote learning. Learning from home poses unique challenges and opportunities. Developing an effective and dedicated study space may be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Set yourself or your students up for success with these distance learning tips for creating a productive learning environment.

1. Define Your Study Space

One challenge of learning from home is the familiarity of your surroundings. Often, we associate being at home with relaxing or spending time with our family. However, school demands active thinking, listening, and hard work. Creating a dedicated study space can help you or your students turn “school mode” on during school hours.

2. Determine a Level of Privacy

As you define the study space, consider the amount of privacy that is right for the student. Young students may need more supervision and support while learning from home. A desk in an open environment, such as a nook in the living room or kitchen, may be the right option. Alternatively, high schoolers, college-aged students, and graduate students may benefit from a quiet learning environment, such as a home office or bedroom.

3. Invest in Good Equipment

Quality equipment supports quality education. You can invest in quality equipment without breaking your budget. Get creative and consider if you already have some of the supplies and equipment elsewhere in your house.

Some necessary equipment for learning from home include:

  • Chairs: Proper chair support is essential for a comfortable and healthy learning experience. Students may sit in their chairs for up to eight hours a day. Spend some time learning about chair ergonomics and hacks for transforming chairs you may already own.
  • Organizational Systems: Depending on the school program, there may be a variety of equipment that will need to be stored. This ranges from external hard drives to notebooks or art supplies. An organizational system may require investing in storage solutions. This may include buying a bookshelf or cube organizers with baskets.
  • Headphones: Most students will need headphones for class. They can provide a clearer sound quality for listening and participation—and can give surrounding family members some peace and quiet. Depending on the student, sound-blocking headphones may be worth considering. These insulate the student from distracting background noise and allow them to focus.
  • Standing Desks: If you are concerned with posture and alignment, consider a standing desk. They are also great for fidgety students and allow them to move their body without becoming a distraction.

4. Invest in Reliable WiFi

Learning from home depends on a reliable home network. This is one area you do not want to skimp on. Slow speeds and spotty connections can diminish the video call quality and interrupt valuable learning time. Panoramic WiFi is a good option for eliminating dead zones in your home, ensuring that school time goes uninterrupted. If your home is heavy on internet usage and internet-dependent devices, it may be time to upgrade your WiFi.

5. Personalize Your Learning Space

Learning from home comes with its perks. You can make the space uniquely yours! Surround yourself with wall art, photos, encouraging sticky notes, or whatever fits your style and space. Brighten your space with a few touches that support a positive learning environment.

Distance Learning Tips

Distance learning can be a challenge, but by thinking through your study space you can prepare for a learning-packed semester. Remember to define your space and invest in your equipment and home network. There is no one perfect school set up—just one that works for you!




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