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How to Put on a Duvet Cover

What is a duvet?

It is a soft flat bag that is filled with wool, feathers, or any synthetic filler. It originated in Europe and was made of down feathers as they acted as a thermal insulator.

Including a duvet to your bed makes the whole chore of making your bed simpler. Moreover, it is a single covering that can be used instead of blankets, sheets, quilts, and another bedding accessory.

In the U.S, a duvet is also referred to as a comforter.

What is a duvet cover?

A duvet cover is like a pillowcase that slips over a duvet and has a closure. As duvets and comforters are expensive and sometimes unwashable, duvet covers can help protect them during use. Also, duvet covers can be removed easily and washed.

Duvet covers can transform the look of your bed and room instantly without having to redecorate it completely. They also help you change the color and style of your bedding by simply switching the cover. This way you can change the look of your bed and room from season to season.

Why are duvet covers popular?

Here are a few reasons that will help you understand why duvet covers are popular.

  • A duvet cover (without a fill inside) protects unwashable duvet insert or dry-clean only comforters
  • It can change the warmth of your bedding without changing the look of your room as it can be switched easily
  • Duvet covers can be changed easily and are one of the most affordable ways to give your room a sophisticated look
  • Duvet covers take up little space in your closet when folded and stored for future use
  • Are machine washable

While caring for your duvet cover is easy, slipping on a duvet cover may not be as simple. 80% of people find it frustrating to put their duvet cover.

Here are two ways that will help you put a duvet cover easily.

Method 1

  1. Turn your duvet inside out. This has to be done at the beginning of the process as you will end up reversing it later.
  2. Lay the cover on the mattress with the mouth at the end of your bed. When the cover is raised, your mattress will be easier to reach.
  3. Put the comforter on top of your duvet cover. Make sure to line up the edges of your comforter and duvet.
  4. Attach the ties if your duvet has one built-in. You may attach the corners with safety pins if you are looking for a replacement.
  5. Once you attach the ties, you can roll the comforter and duvet together like a burrito. However, make sure to roll from the head of your bed as the open mouth needs to be at the end of the burrito. This step will work great if you have a partner as you can roll on both sides. If you don’t have a partner, simply switch back and forth between sides as you roll. Though this may take up some of your time, it is still a speedy process.

6. Your duvet cover and comforter must look like a burrito after you’re done rolling. Adjust the ends so that they’re even.

7. Fold the opening of the duvet cover around the burrito. As you pull the cover, flip it over the burrito so the open mouth is on top.

8. Close the duvet cover and button or zip it up tightly so that the comforter doesn’t spill out.

9. Shakeout the duvet till it returns to its normal shape. Make sure to hold the corners tightly during this step if your duvet doesn’t have inner ties.

10. Do a bit of fluffing and your duvet is ready!

Method 2

If you find the burrito way boring, you may try this new California –roll to put on your duvet cover.

  • Step 1: Remove your duvet cover from the dryer and turn it inside out. Spread out the duvet cover your bed. Make sure that the opening of the duvet cover is facing away from you.


  • Step 2: Place your comforter or duvet on top of the duvet cover.

  • Step 3: Align all the edges and corners neatly for better results. If your duvet cover has corner ties, tie them to the loops on the comforter.


  • Step 4: Next, stand opposite of the opening of the duvet cover and roll the comforter and duvet cover. As you roll, make sure to adjust the edges.


  • Step 5: Once you have rolled up everything, hold one of the ends of the roll. Stuff the comforter roll inside using the enclosure of the duvet cover.


  • Step 6:  Close the duvet cover. Place the California Roll on the bed such that the zipper enclosure is aligned with the bottom of your bed.


  • Step 7: Start unrolling in such a way that the unrolling and pulling apart the duvet cover from the roll.


  • Step 8: Shake out the duvet cover. That’s it!


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