How to Prepare a Family for a Picnic with a Small Child

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As soon as the spring sun appears outside and the temperature rises above +15 people are drawn out of town like a magnet! We want to go on vacation with our family, walk on the green grass, smell the wildflowers and just get away from the boring apartments for the winter. Is this about you?

But you have a small child? Armed with our tips, courageously persuade your spouse to spend the day outdoors! After all, in order to rest in the family circle was not spoiled, you must be ready for anything, and nature — it’s also biting insects, too bright sun, poisonous plants, and more. How to prepare a family with a small child to rest in nature to protect themselves and their baby? The answer is simple — think through the rest in advance and take the necessary stuff with you!

Necessary things for relaxing in nature:

Picnic clothes

Dress your child for the season, so he will not overheat, but do not freeze. Take a spare set in case your child gets soaked or forgets to use the bathroom. If the picnic will take place in the evening, in order to avoid mosquito bites, the child should wear light pants and a shirt with sleeves. Even if you think that it is not too sunny outside, cover your child’s head with a cap — little kids are easy to “burn” and get a heat stroke.

Picnic food

Be sure to think in advance about what exactly the baby will eat at the picnic. Do not think that he will be able to “break” with cookies or candy — in the fresh air, the kids have a great appetite. Take with you a cooler bag, put some cheese, sausages, milk and children’s juice. Fruits and vegetables can be put in an ordinary bag. Be sure to take bread, the child will enjoy frying it on the fire. If the picnic is planned for a kebab, separately marinate a couple of pieces of meat without spices for your baby.


Take enough drinking water with you and pour it into a baby bottle as needed for convenience. Also take large bottles of water for washing hands, vegetables, and fruit.

Picnic toys

A ball is a toy that is always and everywhere, and if it comes to a picnic, you can’t do without it. You can take more children’s tennis rackets, soap bubbles, and a set for the sandbox. Toy rake will help you clear the area, and in a bucket, you can put the branches for fire. So that your child is not bored on the road — take with you a couple of books.  


Furniture, mats, umbrella. Think about what and where you will sit during the picnic. You may need folding chairs and portable camping tables or blankets and plaids. A great option would be camping mats — special thermo-isolating travel mats, on which it is safe to sit even a small child. In addition, they are quite dense and it is convenient to put children’s toys on them.  If you are going to the open area, be sure to take a good large umbrella to shelter from the midday sun.

First Aid Kit

Bruises and cuts appear on a child’s body very quickly, especially in nature. Usually, parents don’t even have time to notice exactly what happened. Even dense grass can cut a child’s thin skin, and bruises appear with almost every awkward movement. If you’ll be resting near a body of water, the danger of sunburns is also very relevant, as it is much easier to get them in the water than on land.  Take with you special creams against insect bites and ointments for burns (with panthenol), designed specifically for children.

Now, you’re ready for a family vacation in nature!



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