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How to Paint Your Home Like a PRO

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Out of all the home improvement DIY’s, you are probably going to enjoy painting the most. It is almost instinctual and all it really takes is some time, equipment and paint, of course. Not just this, it is one of the quickest way of introducing your space to an instant makeover. So be it re-touching or a whole room re-painting, here is how you can perfect your paint job:


Evaluate the Room

Before anything, you need to sit down and evaluate the areas that you are going to be painting. Begin by examining the condition of the walls- Does it need filling? Are the walls cracked? Has the previous paint chipped away or dulled off? What sort of paint should you use? What about the color? All these queries need to be addressed before even laying out your painting plans. This will help you understand the fixes needed prior to painting.

Choose Your Equipment

Whether you are going to use ladders, masking tapes and even caulking tools, you need to align them to save yourself panic during painting. Depending on the sort of finish you want, you should also choose the brushes you are going to use, beforehand. For instance, the roller brush maybe the easiest choice but it’s the paint sprayers that will help you achieve that fine, neat, textured wall. Graco Magnum is one of the best paint sprayers that I found on paintsprayers.reviews.

Prep those Walls

Now this involves filling up holes and cracks with spackling paste, drying them out and then perfecting the walls further, by using fine grit sandpaper. Even if you feel the walls are good shape, don’t go painting straight away. Even and smoothen out your walls by wiping them down with damn cloth to remove dust and other particles. Remember, a good base is the thing that will give you that rich, smooth appeal. If you are painting on darker colors, be sure to add in a layer of primer before coating them with any more colors.

The overlapping W’s

The most magnificent and quick to master painting technique is the overlapping W’s. The overlapping W’s help cover up all sorts of paint marks and make sure an even thick coat of paint is applied every time you create a “W”. And while you are at it, don’t forget to always paint from top to bottom. Check out this blog by Paisley Painting if you need more information about painting services.

Wrapping up those Trays

A quick hack, which also ensure that paint chunks don’t end up on your walls, is to line up your paint tray with plastic sheets or just about anything that will not absorb the paint. This is exceptionally helpful when you require taking long breaks while painting, for you can easily scrap off the excess paint and dispose it the sheet off. A fresh layer of sheet will ensure no previous dried out chunks mix in with the next paint coat.

Remove, Cover and Secure

For those power outlets and wall lights, you need to secure them because otherwise, you will end up with some messed-up edges. The power outlets should be taped, the door knobs should be covered with small plastic sandwich bags and the best way to go about lights is to simply remove them. You will be tempted to start painting while they are still there but, removing them will protect you from extra hours of cleaning, all while giving you a more space to paint.

And yes, painting will require some effort and patience, so don’t hesitate to load them in as you go about painting those walls. Rxtooler tested more than two dozen paint sprayers over time.


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7 thoughts on “How to Paint Your Home Like a PRO

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  • These are such great tips! Thanks for sharing. I’m personally thinking of changing the colors of my walls to something fresher so this really helps!

  • Great information. We have not painted our house for 10 years! eek! It needs to happen soon. WE are ready for some updates and bright colors!

  • We need to paint our kitchen and a few other rooms in our house this spring. This is very helpful and I’ll be sure to keep notes of your advice. I refuse to hire someone so we will be doing it ourselves!

  • I had heard about the overlapping Ws. That makes sense, as it helps the “seams” disappear! I do like the way a newly painted room smells. I know that is kind of nuts, but it makes me think “clean” and “new.” Paint is an inexpensive way to make a house new again!

  • I believe you are right, proper techniques make or break the entire process. Also these are nice tips, such as wrapping the trays to promote easier clean up. I look forward to trying these the next time I need to freshen up a room.


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