How To Make This Year’s Christmas Special For Your Children

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Children are such simple and innocent souls who will appreciate any gesture from their parents and guardians as long as it’s coming from the heart. The holiday season is the perfect time to celebrate your love for your children by showering them with gestures of affection and appreciation. 

Check out some great ways to make this Christmas special for your children below:

  • A Letter From Santa

Your children probably expect Santa to deliver toys and presents on their wish list. What if you surprise them with a Santa letter on top of the gifts? This personalized letter will be the cherry on top of their day. This special letter creates an immersive experience that will get them feeling over the moon during the holidays.

A letter from Santa is sure to be the highlight of your child’s Christmas, giving them a fun and unforgettable memory that they can treasure for so many years to come. 

  • Family Photo Wall

Create a family photo wall with your children as a part of the Christmas decorations. Print some festive and fun photographs of the entire family. Your children can choose the photographs that they’d like to see on the wall.

Once you’ve chosen and taped some great photos on your designated wall, add some stunning Christmas home décor like Christmas lights or tinsels. This is a fun, resourceful, and cost-effective way to bond with your children and bring the holiday spirit into your home. 

  • Recycled Gifts 

Making recycled gifts for your children doesn’t only require time, effort, and thought. It’s also gift that helps your children learn to appreciate the value of material possessions and the importance of environmental awareness. For example, you can make jewelery from materials such as cloth, copper, and glazed wires. You can also turn this into a family activity and let your own children create their own gifts. 

  • Sing Christmas Carols 

On Christmas morning, you can turn on some Christmas carols as the wake-up alarm. Together, you can sing Christmas carols to start the day. You can also keep the music on as you get ready for the festivities or while your children are opening their gifts. Music transcends boundaries, and singing Christmas songs with your children is a great way to get them cheerful excited. 

  • Play Christmas Games 

Make your children’s day by playing their favorite games with them. Most children are quite simple and spending the day together playing and having fun is enough to keep them happy. You can also look up some new and exciting games that you can try out as a family. Be ready to improvise and get creative!

  • Picnic 

A picnic is a simple but special event you can hold for your children this Christmas. Together, you can prepare your favorite foods and treats, create a dress-up theme, and light your backyard with fairy Christmas lights. You can set up an outdoor party for your Christmas dinner and enjoy the beauty of your backyard and the radiance of your Christmas decorations while savoring a scrumptious home-cooked meal. 

You picnic plans, of course, will still depend on the weather conditions and other factors such as space. If an alfresco Christmas dinner isn’t possible, you can still enjoy each other’s company indoors. 

  • Practical Gifts

If you have older children that have moved out of your home, they will definitely appreciate getting some practical gifts for Christmas. If you think back to the days when you first started on your own, you might remember the times that a single gift card or cash gift could have made the difference between an empty or stocked fridge! 

Your adult children are more likely to be happy getting cash gifts, appliances, food or clothes vouchers, and pampering vouchers to the spa or movies. In fact, you can just ask them to create a wish list so you know what they need for their home. This is a great to make sure you’re not wasting on presents that they may not even use. 


As a parent, you desire to make every day special for your kids. Christmas is a unique time of the year to create special memories for and with your children. You can achieve this by writing a Santa letter, creating a family photo wall, making gifts from recycled material, singing carols on the day, playing Christmas games, having a picnic, and also giving your adult children some practical gifts that they can actually use. 

This list is by no means exhaustive, and with enough time and effort, you’re sure to find different ways to make Christmas more memorable for your kids.



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