8 Furniture Arranging mistakes to avoid while decorating your home

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It all starts with an empty room until you populate it with your belongings. Are you satisfied with the end result, or do you feel things could have been better? It doesn’t matter if you own a gorgeous house and modern furnishings; awkward furniture arrangement can ruin everything.

If you think your living spaces need a better arrangement, you need to stop making these common mistakes.


Not Considering Conversation Areas

A regular conversation shouldn’t be about shouting, leaning forward, or craning necks. You must ensure that that the sofas and chairs are facing each other to some degree while arranging furniture in your living room. 

Although it may seem difficult in large-spaced homes but hey, you can always create multiple conversation areas within a shared space. 

Placing the Furniture Against the Walls

Avoid turning your chairs and sofas into wallflowers at the dance. Make sure you move your furniture away from the walls towards the middle of the sitting place, even if it’s just a couple of inches. This will get rid of that stilted vibe and will give you a sense of generous space and intimacy.

Creating an Obstacle Course

Do not place your furniture directly in the flow of foot traffic. It creates indoor roadblocks that make things messy in your room. 

While arranging the furniture, keep in mind how people walk through each space, and then place your furniture accordingly. This won’t make your guests take sharp turns while navigating. 


Don’t make your home suffer from the furniture-store syndrome. If your den looks cluttered due to Nanny’s pair of wing chairs, you might want to consider placing them elsewhere instead of trying to squeeze furniture into the room. Doing away with furniture-overstuffing will make you truly appreciate the beauty of your space. 

Improper Room Balance

When you place too much furniture on one side of the room, you’re disturbing the symmetry. Ensure that you distribute everything evenly throughout the space. 

For example, you can move that coffee table next to a floor lamp. When you arrange your furniture keeping the scale in mind, your room will look more balanced. 

Opting for looks Over Comfort

Your furniture might feature a set of super-sleek dining chairs that offers amazing style-aesthetic, but you’ll still be disappointed when your dinner party breaks up before the dessert is served. 

The point is, choose a furniture-set that offers both a fabulous look and a comfy perch. Your furniture selection and placement should spark conversations and ensure longer stays. 

Blocking Windows

When you place the furniture in front of the window, the natural light gets blocked, and it makes the room feel smaller, dingier, and more cluttered.

But what if your room features floor-to-ceiling windows? Well, in such a tricky case, ensure that you maximize the remaining natural light by smartly positioning the mirrors reflective surfaces and an effective lighting plan.

Being too Formal

When you align every piece perfectly on a grid, your space can seem stiff and overly formal. You can shift your dining table to a diagonal or try placing your armchairs at a forty-five-degree angle to your sofa to break out of the boxiness. Zig-zag lines add a sense of openness and enhance the look of your room.

Final Thoughts

Arranging your furniture doesn’t have to feel overwhelming and the tips in this blog will help you with the same. However, you also need to ensure that your furniture is durable and of high quality. If you feel the need to upgrade or invest in more, Porada Furniture has a great collection of artistic items that will take your home décor goals to the next level. 



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