How to Find the Best Natural Hair Products

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If you want to keep your hair natural, you may need the help of some high-quality, natural hair products. Most commercial brands offer a wide variety of alternatives, but how to find the best ones? After you determine your hair type and characteristics, there are some simple steps to follow:


You want to choose two types of shampoo. Moisturizing shampoo for regular use and deep cleansing shampoo to use only once a week. Look for the SLS-free or ALS-free labels. For a deep cleansing shampoo, try to look for those with clarifying agents such as green tea. If your color is fading, your hair looks dull or feels very dry, your shampoo may be at fault. If you experience changing weather conditions, you may need to change your shampoo accordingly. Cel has a good variety of natural shampoos to choose from.


As with the shampoo, you need two types. A regular moisturizing conditioner will help lock humidity in your hair on a daily basis. Then, a deep moisturizing conditioner to use once or twice a week to help strengthen your hair and prevent frizz. Try to stay away from conditioners that contain silicone, as it can dry it. Signs that a conditioner is not properly working include an itchy scalp and hair that feels heavy or overly “coated”.

Oils or Butters?

Oily agents are good to keep your hair shiny. A gentle massage with oil also helps maintain your hair healthy by improving blood flow and nutrient supply. Oils and butter act as sealants that help maintain hair’s moisture. If your hair is very dry, you may want to try butter (such as shea), but if it’s very thin it may feel weighed down. If this is the case, switch to oil. Stop using oils or butter altogether if your hair is overly dry or too greasy on a daily basis.

What Ingredients Should You Look For?

While we have already established that it’s best to steer away from products that contain silicones, parabens, and sulfates, what are the ingredients that are good for your hair?

  1. Coconut Oil: It helps lock in moisture, and provides strength and shine.
  2. Aloe Vera: Is a very popular natural ingredient that prevents hair loss, helps treat scalp problems and promotes healthy growth.
  3. Vegetable glycerin: Creates a layer of oil that helps retain moisture.
  4. Olive Oil: It helps soften and moisturize hair.
  5. Castor Oil: Has anti-fungal properties that protect your scalp
  6. Honey: Acts as a humectant and is also antibacterial
  7. Jojoba: It helps balance oil production in the scalp and also helps protect tips
  8. Shea Butter: Helps lock-in moisture
  9. Avocado: Contains a lot of potassium, which is essential for healthy hair
  10. Tea tree: Can help soothe and treat a dry scalp. It is also a strong antibacterial

Be Careful with Allergens

If you are experiencing a constant itch, or if your hair is falling more than before, you may be experiencing an allergic reaction. Stop using any hair products until you determine the source of your allergy and stick to hypoallergenic formulas in the future.

When it comes to choosing the best natural health products, there is a lot of trial and error. It is important to understand that hair type varies from person to person, so what works for your friend may not be the best choice for you. Your stylist is equipped to recommend good natural hair products if you are not sure about your hair type or conditions. Try to stick to products that state that their main ingredient is water (from 50 to 80 percent).



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