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5 Skincare Mistakes to Avoid When You Have Oily Skin

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Having oily skin can be a curse. Makeup falling off, shininess galore, acne and blackheads – having an oily skin-type can lead to all sorts of issues. If you’re constantly battling your oily skin, you may be making a crucial skincare mistake that is throwing your skin off.

If you want to tackle your oily skin once and for all, pay attention to the following five skincare mistakes. And remember that if you are guilty of any of these mistakes, removing them from your routine may just prevent pesky oil build-up.


Making Changes

One major mistake many of us make in our skincare routines is implementing too many changes. Frequently changing the products in your regimen confuses your skin and doesn’t allow it to get used to the new ingredients. If you overwhelm your skin in this way, you are likely to experience oiliness, dryness, or even both.

To avoid both of these, try to make minimal changes to the products you use, and if you must try out a new product, know that it usually takes around six weeks to see results that accurately reflect how it works with your skin. So be patient!


Probably the most common mistake that can make oily skin worse is cleansing your face too much. While it can be tempting to wash your face whenever it gets oily, you could be encouraging your skin to produce even more oil if you do this too often.

Oiliness can feel uncomfortable, and it gives a shiny look to the face, but most face cleansers actually strip the skin of its natural oils. This prompts your skin to compensate and create even more oil, creating a cycle of oiliness.

To avoid this mistake, remember to only wash your face with a cleanser when necessary – most experts recommend never washing more than twice a day.

Scrubbing Your Skin

We often reach for a cleanser when we feel oil building up, but sometimes only a face scrub can satisfy the desire for cleanliness. However, over-exfoliating the skin has even worse consequences.

Just like over-cleansing, using a face scrub too often also strips the face of its natural oils, causing even more oils to be released. In addition to this, though, it causes your skin to feel irritated and even sore.

Can you guess what its response is? That’s right – releasing even more oils. That’s why scrubbing your skin too often is a double mistake for oily skin.

Avoiding Oils

Applying oils to your oil-prone skin seems like a recipe for disaster, we know. As we’ve learned, however, depriving your skin of the oils it needs actually encourages it to overproduce them.

This means that avoiding skincare products, such as cleansers and moisturizers, that are infused with oils is actually going to increase the levels of oils in your skin. Instead, incorporating products containing oils into your routine is a great idea.

Even better, though, you can apply oils directly to the skin. There are many facial oils available online that will both moisturize and balance your oil levels. For example, you can easily reverse this skincare mistake by using something like this pure squalane oil.

Forgetting Toner

Toner is a mysterious item that makes its way into many of our skincare routines but is also often dropped from them. This is often because it is hard to define its exact benefits in comparison to other items like ‘cleanser’ and ‘moisturizer.’

However, facial toner actually plays a big role – and this is especially true for those with oily skin! Along with its many other benefits, toner balances the pH levels of your skin. If unbalanced, your skin will produce the incorrect amounts of oil, leading to oily or dry skin.

Whether you decide to try toner or a new facial oil, hopefully, you take something from this list of five skincare mistakes that cause oiliness.



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