How To Find Cheap Cars for Sale in Toronto

Are you thinking about buying a new car, but have a tight budget?

You may want to start looking for cheap cars for sale in Toronto. While the automotive market in Canada has boomed in recent years, so has the used car market. Choosing a cheap car from the aftermarket makes sense, provided you have the vehicle in drivable condition. 

Even when you shop around for a used car to benefit from its depreciated value, you cannot possibly overlook safety and comfort. Between auctions, classified advertisements, and junkyards, you need to prioritize the driver’s safety.

So, the equation comes to purchasing cheap cars in Toronto without compromising comfort and safety. If you know where to hunt for these used cars, finding one won’t take long. Next, you can reach out to the insurance experts at an online insurance brokerage, at Surex to find the best car insurance quotes in Toronto.


Where can you find cheap cars for sale in Toronto?

While you hunt for cheap vehicles for sale in Toronto, you need to consider several factors while looking for one. For instance, you need to consider the car’s age, budget, nature, odometer reading, drivability, and safety. We have shortlisted some places where you can look out for affordable used vehicles in Toronto.

     1. Check out in-person dealerships

In Toronto, you have several reputed second-hand car dealerships to purchase cheap cars. Visit one of these dealerships in person and choose the car that suits your budget. Visually inspect the vehicles and compare the available options. However, take guard against being pressurized by the agents. Check out some of the review aggregator websites or Better Business Bureau to know the dealership’s reputation.

When you visit the dealerships, you need to get in-house financing or pay in cash. Also, make sure to test drive the car several times and for a long distance. Look out for faulty vehicles and compromised parts, which are pretty common in the automobile aftermarket.

     2. Visit auction sites

When you desperately try to find cheap cars in Toronto for sale, don’t miss out on the auction sites. This will be a great option if you are looking for an affordable second-hand car.

In auction sites, potential buyers need to place online buds. When you win the bid, you need to pay in cash. However, one of the critical drawbacks of purchasing a used car through auction is that you won’t be able to test drive the car. Unlike dealerships, auctions don’t have the provision of test-driving the vehicle.

We recommend going for auction sites only if you are looking for damaged parts. You may end up spending hundreds of dollars on repairs, upgrades, and insurance.

     3. Look out for advertisements

One of the easiest ways to find cheap cars for sale in Toronto is to keep your eyes open for advertisements. Often, you might come across cars with a sign that reads ‘For Sale”. You will find lots of these cars in parking lots or beside driveways.

When you contact the owner, make sure to get a transparent account of the vehicle’s accident and insurance history. However, this process also involves risk, as you never get to know the correct history of the vehicle. In case the car falters after a couple of weeks, you cannot hold the seller responsible. So, it’s wise to ask for receipts for the car’s maintenance records at the workshop.

     4. Check private marketplaces

Online buying and selling platforms are a good place to look out for used cars. These platforms are user-friendly, and you can also access them without disclosing your personal information. 

You simply need to email the seller and pay electronically or physically. In case you are comfortable with these websites, the online channels might click for you. However, you must be equally vigilant with the test rides and driving record before shelling out the amount.

     5. Online car brokers

Currently, you will come across several online car brokers in Canada. First, you need to check the authenticity of these websites on review aggregator websites. These platforms would be the right place for you only when you are aware of the used car rates on offline platforms.

When you come across an advertisement, furnish your personal details and dispatch a message to the seller. Some online car brokers also facilitate buyers with in-house financing. Alternatively, you need to purchase the used car in cash.

Make sure to compare several local dealerships to get an idea about the estimate. This ensures that you won’t be paying unnecessarily extra to the brokers.

     6. Check the newspaper

While finding cheap cars in Toronto to purchase, make sure to peep into local or regional newspapers. Also, you might get in touch with the publishers or newspaper advertisers, who might be in touch with local sellers.

Consider browsing the classified sections of newspapers, and carefully observing the model, make, age, price, and description. However, classified advertisements have a limitation on character count. So, you need to count on the seller’s words when you make the purchase.

Things to keep in mind

Now that you know where to hunt for used cars check out these guidelines that will help you make a reliable purchase.

  • Low mileage: To avoid mechanical glitches, avoid cars if the odometer reads more than 120K miles.
  • Professional inspection: Before purchasing the vehicle, hire a licensed mechanic to inspect it properly. Some used cars already come with a dealership inspection. To be on the safe side, get it inspected from your end too.
  • Check maintenance records: It’s wise to purchase cars only if the previous owner has stored all the maintenance records. This would help you assess the car’s health.
  • Look for a lower price: Check out the Canadian Black Book or Kelley Blue Book to ensure that you purchase the used car at a reasonably low price.


We also recommend finding the relevant insurance claims made for the used car. Considering the age and condition of the car, insurers might quote high premiums. Reach out to the insurance experts at Surex for professional assistance while insuring your used car. With professional assistance from experts, you can significantly curtail this cost.



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