How To Enhance The People’s Engagement To Work With The Help Of Social Media

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Social platforms are the place where many people exist and interact with each other. Researchers say that they are around 3.2 billion social media users globally. It is anticipated that social media users will rise further in the coming years. Today many new social platforms are getting introduced frequently, which has gathered a consistent number of users in a short time. Social platforms have turned into a primary entertainment medium due to their different characteristics. Each platform has its very own characteristics. Hence, people are glued to these social applications due to the distinct user experience provided by these social applications.  

How Are People Entangled To These Social Applications?  

Majority of the social applications are content-driven. These contents are distinct, which you cannot find in other forms of entertainment medium. Memes are the best example of how social platforms have gained importance among people. Social applications gave birth to this concept of memes that drove people’s attention. Thus, social applications have their unique character that is driving many people towards it consistently. Trollishly is a service that will help people to gain famous quickly on social platforms.

Another major factor that people find engaging with the social platforms is that it brought people much closer during their initial times. Rather than sharing photos or videos to a particular person, social platforms helped people share photos and videos with a vast number of friends. People use to share their life events, places they recently visited, and their accomplishments on social platforms. The platforms also helped them connect to a large number of people with similar tastes and interests. Thus, social platforms have enabled people to get in touch with new people and exchange their thoughts and interests. Therefore, all these new experiences had a lasting impact on people. Today, many social platforms are getting introduced. Mostly all these revolve around connecting people.   

The Way Social Platforms Engage With People: 

Over these years, social platforms have mainly evolved, which has undergone changes and adopted according to the prevailing trends. From being at an open platform that helps people get introduced to new faces to offering utmost privacy today, social platforms have come a long way. The people’s expectations are also changing with time, and social platforms are also changing them accordingly. Social platforms had become picture-dominant at a point of time from where they turned into a video-dominant application today. People are consuming videos mainly on social platforms today rather than any other form of content. Thus, people’s interests are changing from time-to-time. Even the social platforms that are getting rolled-out today are mostly video-centric. Facebook and Instagram, which are in existence for over a decade, have changed them and added features that will make them video-centric. Instagram has its very own stories section and IGTV that made into more of a video platform from an image-centric platform. Hence, applications are adopting them according to the advent of new technologies. 

Today, Instagram has its very own image filters and color schemes for its users. Snapchat is known for its filters and interactive stickers. Its users are always keen and wait for the launch of new stickers. They use to try the new stickers and filters that are frequently introduced by this social application. Thus, these social platforms always thrill people by continually giving them new experiences, which makes people stick to them. Facebook has rolled out VR glasses to provide a more lively experience for the viewers watching videos. So, social platforms are always open to changes, which makes them not go out of the market anytime. 

The Way Social Platforms Evolved Into A Commercial Medium: 

 Since many people are active on these social platforms surfing through it daily, they have gained importance as a marketing medium. All the leading social platforms have become e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Alibaba. A survey that was conducted in 2019 stated that 55% of Millennials and Generation Z get aware about a new product only through social applications. Leading apparel brands like H&M and Levis are having nearly half of their sales through social apps. So, social applications have become the sales point today where people can buy and sell anything. Thus, social platforms have gained an inevitable place according to today’s scenario.

Social platforms are in a crucial position today that they have to balance both entertainment and commercial stuff. The platforms should never forget what brought them this much fame. If they give more importance to commercials, then they will lose their unique characteristics and lead them to get the name as an e-commerce website. It is the content that is framed according to the aspects of a social platform that has driven people towards it. Facebook can be pointed out as a perfect example of how it stands tall even after all these years. Hence, all other companies can look at Facebook and learn lessons to have long-lasting growth. One of the accusations from marketers in recent times is that the budget they have to allocate for social media promotions is getting increased. However, these applications still prevail as a significant marketing point for many brands.  

The Role Of Social Applications In Conversational Marketing:

Today brands are keener on developing a conversation with their target audience. Facebook and Instagram that have billions of users have features that enable companies to get in touch with their customers. Both platforms have their very own live feature that allows them to communicate with many people at a time. They also help businesses to interact with a person personally. Thus, social platforms have all the essential features catering to the requirements of the brands. So, they have become a spot that bridges the sales and marketing. If a brand aims to retain its place and generate more sales, it has to go with any of these social platforms. 

The Arrival Of Influencers: 

Influencers are one of the driving factors of many top social applications such as TikTok and Instagram today. Brands are spending enormous money on these influencers to increase the visibility of their products. These influencers have a deep understanding of a social platform and create content that aligns with the platform’s characteristics. Brands leverage the influencers and create content for them by having their brand personality as the theme. Such moves can elevate the reach of a brand among people and drive them to purchase it. Today, businesses of all scales from startups till Million dollar companies are collaborating with influencers to drive their brand reach. 

Drive People With Short Videos: 

In today’s fast-paced world, people want everything to happen instantly. This gave rise to the short videos. TikTok is a short duration social video application that gained a vast reach globally. The videos on this platform last less than a minute. Facebook and Instagram also have their very own short duration videos section ‘stories’. From the very time the stories section was launched, it gained a vast reach. The stories section on Instagram assures a nearly 4x higher engagement rate than its standard videos. So, brands can go with the stories section to enhance their growth. The challenge that in front of them is that they should convey the message in that minimal duration. 

Final Thoughts: 

Social platforms keep changing them from time to time. Notably, this character makes many people glue with them. These applications still stand as a significant, engaging medium for the people. So, they will be in the limelight for a long time.  



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