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How To Eat Out and Still Meet Your Weight-Loss Goals

Just because you’re trying to lose weight, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself and eat at restaurants every once in a while. Achieving your health and wellness goals is all about balance. Crash dieting gives you immediate results, but it isn’t sustainable in the long term. It would help if you were thinking about weight loss in a way that incorporates healthy lifestyle changes as opposed to adopting a restrictive diet for appearances. The overall goal is to be more mindful about nutrition, prioritize your health, build strength, and allow yourself room to enjoy life without guilt. Here’s how to eat out while still meeting your weight loss goals.


Plan ahead of time.


When you eat a restrictive diet, you might see eating out at restaurants as a way to finally let loose and order whatever you want. After all, you’ve earned it after only eating chicken and broccoli for every meal this past week… Unfortunately, this isn’t a sustainable way to think about your weight loss goals, and it might even cause you to overindulge. Instead of seeing good food as something you have to earn, you should try to view it as something that fuels your body and is also meant to be enjoyed. Remember, weight loss is all about balance! So, check out the restaurant menu beforehand and find yourself a meal that’s healthy, nutritious, and satisfying! You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for a healthy meal, just like you don’t have to forgo eating out to lose weight.

Limit sugary, alcoholic drinks.


Having a cocktail isn’t going to set you back on your goals. If you enjoy having mimosas with your girls at Takoda’s rooftop brunch, then you should feel entitled to that! Sometimes, happy hour doesn’t quite feel like happy hour if you don’t have a drink in hand. And that’s perfectly fine. You can limit it to one or two cocktails and opt for a lighter meal. Choose a salad instead of truffle fries as a side for your burger. Pick fresh fruit to go with your French toast instead of hash browns and breakfast sausages. If there’s a dessert you’ve been eyeing at your favorite rooftop restaurant, share it with the whole table. It’s all about a balance of enjoying yourself while still thinking about what’s best for you nutritionally.

Stick to your routine.


Eating out at a restaurant doesn’t mean you should completely throw your goals out the window. A good rule of thumb to start with is the 80/20 rule. With this guideline, you can focus on nutritious eating for 80 percent of your routine. For the remaining 20 percent, feel free to enjoy your favorite foods. Stick to your typical routine! If you regularly drink Skinny Fit Detox Tea to maintain your energy levels and promote healthy digestion, then continue to do so even on days when you’re eating your meals out. SkinnyFit tea helps support weight loss and fight toxins within your body. It’s a great way to keep a steady metabolism and maintain good digestion even when you’re going out to restaurants.

Choose a meal with loads of vegetables.


The best part about vegetables is that not only are they healthy for you, but they’re also not very calorically dense. Your body also has an easier time digesting veggies because they’re full of fiber. So, you won’t have to worry about walking out of the restaurant feeling too stuffed or bloated.

You can have the best of both worlds and enjoy eating out while still meeting your weight loss goals. Remember to approach weight as a means of living a balanced lifestyle that incorporates both nutrition and enjoyment. Hopefully, these tips will help you achieve your goals and remind you to enjoy yourself.


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