How to create a space for a better night’s sleep

There’s nothing better than collapsing into your bed at the end of the day, knowing you can escape from the world, rest and recharge your batteries. From more supportive mattresses, luxury fabrics and a healthy sleep environment, bid farewell to tossing and turning in your sleep. Instead, wake up refreshed with these tricks and tips to help you achieve a quality slumber you can dream of.  


Make your bed with luxury fabrics

Start by choosing quality bedding that can provide you with a luxurious sleeping surface, ready to help you get a better night’s sleep. Make sure to think about how you sleep. Do you run warm? Or do you like the feel of soft linen against your skin? From there, you can find the perfect fabric to suit your needs.

Bedding is also a great opportunity to play with colors, personalizing your space to suit your needs. From calming neutrals to soft hues of blue, there are plenty of options to create a space that will help you relax. 

Create a cozy space with bedding

Keen to build a bed at home that’s as sumptuous as your favorite five-star hotel? Think of a quality mattress and luxury sheets as your foundation for a better sleep. Add a quilt, the right pillow for your sleep style and finally, layer plush cushions and throw blankets to complete the look. Don’t forget to treat your feet – finish the look with a super-soft rug so your whole body can wake up in style.

Whether your aesthetic is minimalist, scandi or dark and moody, thoughtfully selecting bedding is an easy way to create a cozy bedroom, so you can feel pampered every time you hit the sheets.

If you love a colorful, eclectic vibe, choosing cushions and pillows in different colors and patterns can add visual interest – be daring and don’t be afraid of clashing prints! If you prefer a more modern crisp white look, build depth by adding texture and pillows and cushions of different sizes. Consider changing your bedding up with the seasons – a lighter knit throw in summer and a cozier faux-fur blanket in winter – to freshen your bedroom’s look and give yourself year-round pampering.

Creating layers with quilts, pillows and soft furnishings adds visual depth that complements your decor, making jumping onto your bed irresistible.  

Keep cool – or warm

Did you know that room temperature can affect the quality of your sleep? If you’re struggling to sleep because your room is too hot, a ceiling or freestanding fan and loose clothing may help to cool you off. In chilly weather either use a heater or add an extra quilt to your bed so you can stay cozy all night long. You may also want to look at your linen, choosing different fabrics to suit your needs. 

Remove distractions.

Practice optimal “sleep hygiene” by creating a nighttime routine, helping your drift off to sleep each night. A few quick tips are: 

  • Making sure your room is free of any clutter. That means clearing off your surfaces and putting away anything from the day. 
  • Try to switch off your screens at least an hour before you turn the light off to give your mind a chance to wind down. Instead, cozy up with your favorite book, or try journaling before bed. 
  • Avoid caffeine a few hours before bed. Instead, you may want to opt for a soothing sleep tea. 
  • Practice meditation or mindfulness before you curl up in bed. This can be as easy as doing some stretches or taking a minute to practice gratitude.

Quality sleep is something we all need for health and wellbeing and, whilst it can sometimes be hard to get, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to ensure you get a more restful night. 

Optimize your sleep environment by investing in a quality mattress and pillows and dressing your bed in luxury sheets, plush cushions and luxe blankets. Create a more restful bedtime routine by switching off a little earlier, practicing meditation and mindfulness and lighting a beautiful candle so you can luxuriate in your surroundings before shutting your eyes. A nighttime routine is a great way to encourage a more fulfilling night’s sleep.


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