How To Create A Blossoming Garden.

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 A beautiful garden can top off a carefully planned home. Not only will a manicured garden increase the value of your house, but it can also bring your family much joy. Your kids will love playing outside amongst the flowers. You and your partner will spend many happy hours relaxing outside in the sunshine as well.

 Even though having an attractive garden brings so many benefits, many people still allow their outdoor space to go to waste. It’s understandable why this happens. Gardens don’t seem like the easiest things to start off and manage. So that’s why I’ve written this blog post. I love my garden and want to show you how easy it is to create a tranquil space that is super simple to look after. Are you ready to test out your green fingers? Here are some of the best ways to create and tend to your blossoming garden.

 Pick the best time

There’s no point starting a garden in the middle of winter. The cold will swiftly kill off all your plants. It’s also a bad idea planting seeds in the summer heat, which is probably too hot for tiny plants to handle. The best time to sow your garden is in spring. You can then expect your plants to bloom in summer, ready to take full advantage of all the sunlight and good weather.

 Clear the ground

Once you’re all ready to go, you’ll need to remove the sod from the ground. To do this, you just have to lift off the layer of grass from the soil. If you like, keep a patch of grass intact so you can have a lawn area. If you do create a lawn, you will have to maintain it by mowing it. Or, you can always hire someone to do the hard work for you, like Jim’s Mowing. Once you’ve removed the sod, you can start to get the soil ready for sowing seeds.


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 Prepare your soil

 If your soil isn’t in a good condition, seeds won’t be able to grow in it. As soon as you have removed all the sod, start digging in the soil to turn it. All you need to do is loosen and mix it up a bit. Make sure you are doing this quite deep down, so your plants have plenty of depth for their roots. Plants may not be able to survive if their roots go deep down and hit infertile earth. You’ll also need to increase the organic matter in the soil. Mix in some shredded leaves or manure to act as compost. This will provide your new plants with plenty of food and essential nutrients.

 Plant your seeds

One very important thing to take note of is the months in which you can plant your selected seeds. Each plant and flower will have its optimum planting period. This ensures it starts to bloom during the months in which is will survive. So if your pack of seeds says they should be planted through March and April, you know the plants need warm weather. This is because they will be popping out of the earth in summer. Don’t plant them in any other months. Otherwise, they might not survive. If you miss the planting window, you’ll have to keep them for next year.

 Add a water feature

If you have space, why not add a water feature to your plot of land? This will help to attract prospective buyers when it comes to selling your home. But there’s also nothing more relaxing than the trickling of water through a garden! If you want some ideas of the kinds of water features available, check out this selection here.


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 Trees and shrubs

Once you’re confident with flowers and plants, why not think about adding trees and shrubs? These are slightly more tricky to look after than other plants, but they are very worth it. Check what type of soil you have, as some trees can only grow in some soil types. Your local climate will also dictate which species you choose. For example, there’s no point planting tropical flora if you live in a rainy environment.

 Add some furniture

Garden furniture can help you create a comfortable outdoor space in which you and your family relax. You’ll enjoy barbecues and garden parties throughout the summer. Throughout the Christmas period, you can add some sparkle with decorations and fairy lights. If you want a permanent outside sitting space, think about building some wooden decking or creating a patio space. You could also purchase a gazebo to allow you to continue enjoying the outdoors even through rainy weather.

 Think about stonework

Add some decoration to your brick walls. Or if you just want an eye-catching focal point, think about adding some stonework to your garden. You can get very creative by adding large landscaping features, or keep it simple with small stone statues and figures. If you have a water feature, you can incorporate some fancy stonework around it.

 Encourage wildlife

Not only will encouraging wildlife give you something to spot, but it will also help your garden thrive. Bees are imperative in keeping flora alive, and a popular garden with the bees will flourish every summer. Even if you don’t want to keep your own hive, you can draw them to your garden by planting Hawthorn bushes, one of their favorite plants. Hedgehogs and birds will also enjoy using your garden just as much as you do. Attract them to your land by planting their bushes, trees and plants they love.

It may take a year or two for your garden to bloom and flourish to an impressive extent, but all the hard work you put in will surely pay off in the long run. Once it is up and running, you’ll now have a new reason to invite all your friends and family over for – lots of summer barbecues and outdoor parties! Not only that, but you’ll also be doing the environment a favor and encouraging local wildlife to flourish! 

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