How To Celebrate A Wonderful 7th Anniversary At Home

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The way you lead your life is now very different from regular times due to the pandemic. Many people are forced to stay at home and cancel many events they were looking forward to. But being at home does not necessarily mean that you can’t celebrate. 

Many people are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones from home. So you have your 7th anniversary coming up and are wondering how to make the day memorable while you stay at home? You don’t necessarily have to feel down because you cannot go out and have fun at a restaurant or a party. We have compiled a list of ways to make your 7th anniversary at home memorable. 

Bake A Cake, Cook Together

Remember the dinner that you served at your wedding? Or the flavor of cake you had on that particular day? A great way to spend your 7th anniversary at home would be to recreate part of that meal together. 

It doesn’t have to be the entire meal; pick something that holds special significance. Or it could be a dish you tried on your honeymoon and loved. Or maybe a Mexican dish you tried while you were dating. The main goal is to have fun together while preparing the meal. You could even have the food outside in a quaint picnic style.

Gift Him Something Special

A traditional 7th-anniversary gift can be chosen between copper and wool in the USA. Copper gifts for men are easy to source online, and they will deliver to your home at the selected time. You can also make it more special by making it yourself, as nothing states your love more than a homemade gift. 

Find out what he needs and try to order that online, or you can go with DIY gifts such as personalized mugs, wall decorations, maybe even a tiny piece of wooden furniture that you crafted if you have some woodworking skills.

Take Dance Lessons On Youtube

One great way to spend a fun evening at home would be to take Youtube dance lessons together. This is a sure way to make your 7th-anniversary celebrations a lot more fun when you have to stay indoors. Plus, you also get to learn some new moves together. You could make this a perfect activity cozy up to each other on the dance floor after you have finished the dinner you both prepared together. 

You could dance away to the wedding song you had years back or try something more fun such as swing dance, salsa dance, or country two-step. The main thing is to have fun together on your special evening.

Set The House Decor

A great way to start the evening would be to set the mood for the day with your house decorations. Just because you are home doesn’t mean you can’t go all out. Try some new decor ideas to set the mood in your dining room, bring out the fancy china, get some candles lit, or pick out some flowers from the garden. 

You can also recreate the theme you had on your wedding night, or you can try to decorate with the setting from your first date. You can also brainstorm and put ideas together to decorate for your special day and then put it all together as a joint effort.

Dress The Part

An excellent way to get into the mood is to dress for the occasion. Just because you aren’t going out doesn’t mean you can’t dress up for your special evening. You can both pick some fancy clothes out together from your wardrobe and help each other get dressed up. 

Wearing nice clothes will undoubtedly add to the mood you set with the decorations and go with the fancy table layout and the excellent food you prepared together. You can even go all out and try out your wedding clothes one more time if you feel like it.

See The Wedding Video/Album

The wedding day is a special day for everyone, filled with fun-filled memories and loving moments that one cherishes forever. So, what better day than your anniversary day to reminisce about that day by sitting and watching the wedding photos and videos together. The wedding album will surely take you back to the fun-filled moments, and you will indeed get reminded and be grateful for having each other in your lives. 

Watching the wedding video together will surely be a treat as you may not have done it in a while, and both of you will indeed have a laugh seeing some of the events of your wedding day. It would be nice to go back to that particular time and feel the same love rekindled on your anniversary.

Renew Your Vows

When it’s just the two of you, an exceptional treat would be to renew your wedding vows again. So you get to create that special magic and have the opportunity to share that intimate moment once more with each other. 

On your wedding day, you probably recite your vows to each other in front of dozens of people. Hence renewing your vows to each other on your anniversary when it’s just the two of you will indeed have a special significance and be much more romantic and memorable. 

Prepare Cocktails

Make delicious cocktails together to make the night truly fun. The process of preparing the cocktails by putting the ingredients in place can be shared by you both and follow online recipes to concoct fun—feisty cocktails such as rose float, salty cinnamon dog, or Valentine-inspired cocktails. Then, enjoy them at dinner time or afterward when you pull out the wedding albums to watch together. 

Summing Up

A stay-at-home anniversary celebration can be just as fun and memorable as any other celebration. We hope the ideas we listed will be enough for you to arrange a loving and special 7th-anniversary celebration at home. Just make the best of it and have a grand time.


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