How to Get Rid of Bees

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We all understand the vital role that bees play in our ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean that you want them nesting near your home. Being attacked by feral bees can be unpleasant, and for some, potentially dangerous. In Miami and other South Florida communities, it’s not uncommon for bees to build hives in the cracks in your exterior walls or under the eaves of your home. As a property owner in Florida, you’re responsible for removing bees and beehives from your residence, so how should you go about it?


Dangers of Bee Removal

Most Miami residents pay licensed pest control experts to remove bees and with good reason: bee removal can be dangerous. Here are a few reasons why:


  • Multiple stings – Bees instinctively protect their hive. They may swarm you, even if you just get near it. Wear thick clothing and something over your face and eyes if you’re going to attempt to remove a hive by yourself. Even if you’re not allergic, multiple bee stings can have a cumulative effect and be quite dangerous.
  • Allergies – Most adults are aware as to whether or not they’re allergic to bees. If you are allergic to honey bee stings, your reactions can range from redness and swelling to dizziness, nausea, unconsciousness, and even anaphylactic shock. If you do know that you’re allergic to bee stings, stay away from the hive and call for a bee removal professional.
  • Falling and Heights – Doing anything on top of a ladder is inherently dangerous, but when you add a swarm of buzzing insects that have the ability to sting you, the odds of falling multiply.


By far, the safest plan is to call a Miami bee exterminator.

Removing a Beehive

Removing a beehive may seem like a simple process, but if it’s not done properly, nearby bees can identify the damaged hive and rebuild, leaving you to have to deal with a new hive all over again.


  • Ensure Your Safety – You should be absolutely sure that you don’t have bee-sting allergies. Wear thick clothing, goggles, and heavy gloves. Have someone else inspect your clothing to make sure that you didn’t leave any gaps or exposed skin. If you’re going to be on a ladder, recruit another person, and make sure that their clothing is bee-proof.
  • Pick Your Time – Bees sleep at night and do their pollen collection during the day, so if you strike in the late hours or before the sun comes up, you’ll have the maximum impact. Remember, your objective is to eradicate the hive and not have them come back.
  • Use Insecticides – Purchase an insecticide that is specifically for eradicating bees. General-use insecticides may not have the desired effect. Apply it during the optimal hours and repeat a few times.
  • Remove the Hive – Once you’re reasonably certain that the hive is dead, you can remove it, seal it in a plastic garbage bag, and put it out for trash removal. Don’t preserve any honey you might find, as it will be contaminated by insecticide.
  • Clean and Seal – Wash down the location of the hive with soap and water. If the bees nested in your home because of a crack in the walls or roof, seal it up so other bees can’t build there.


Professional Bee Removal Miami

Removing a beehive may seem like a simple process, but oftentimes, the bees return and you have to start over. That’s why so many local residents opt for professional exterminators with experience in bee removal in Miami.

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Meta: A bee infestation can is dangerous, so you should remove hives on your property immediately. This a step-by-step hive removal guide. Or call a Miami bee removal professional.



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