How to Be the Best Dog Parent You Can Be

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There are so many benefits to owning a dog; they offer social connections, undying and unwavering love and loyalty, and they even help you get your regular exercise in. Dogs are great companions and can be unbelievably useful to our everyday lives. Whether you need extra help getting around, emotional support, or just a friend in the house, dogs can be the best addition to your family. Just because they can do a lot for you, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do all that you can for them. Thankfully, taking care of a dog is easy, you just need to:

Give Them the Right Level of Exercise

Dogs need a lot of exercises, especially smart dog breeds, otherwise known as working dogs. These dogs have been bred to understand complicated commands and to work for specific jobs. Huskies, for example, were bred to run and carry heavy loads for hours on end, and as such these dogs require a lot of exercise, to the point where one walk a day likely won’t cut it. James Wellbeloved, dog food supplier, explains you which dog breeds are the smartest, in case you are interested in getting or adopting one of them.

Help Them Eat Healthy

Though many people like to give their dogs table scraps, you should only do so after you read up on which foods are okay to give a dog. Some foods that you can digest without a problem can be hazardous to dogs. A famous example of this is chocolate. Other, lesser known foods include:

–      Onions

–      Garlic

–      Avocados

–      Grapes

All of these foods contain chemicals that can be dangerous to dogs. Some foods are dangerous in different situations. Raw bones, for instance, are generally okay for dogs to eat, whereas cooked bones can splinter easily, which can cause abrasions along your dog’s throat, stomach, and digestive system. If something gets punctured along the way down, this could cause internal bleeding. Always know what your dog can and cannot eat, and don’t let their puppy eyes convince you to feed something bad for them. Remember it is also important to have your westie dog breed breath checked to avoid bad breath or any underlying heath conditions.

Give Them Challenges

Dogs are intelligent creatures. Working dogs or hunting dogs, in particular, require challenges to keep them stimulated. If you do not offer these challenges, such as scavenger hunts or the ability to get out into the wild and hunt themselves, then you might find your dog misbehaves. Before you start punishing your dog on a regular basis, you should always consider if there is something you can do to be a better dog parent, first

Love Them

Last but not least, treat them like family. Don’t abandon them when you move; bring them with you or ensure you find them a suitable family to take care of them. Take them out every day, feed them every day, play with them, and cuddle them. Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason and are a great addition to any family.

Being a great dog parent is rewarding because a happy dog is one of the most loyal, loving creatures on this planet. Taking care of them also improves your own health, both physically and mentally, so it is in everyone’s best interest to do the best job you can.


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