How Technology can help winning games of skills

Technology really has made leaps and bounds in terms of advancement, and it continues to assist all different industries in making processes smoother and more efficient. This is no different when it comes to the entertainment and sports industry, and it can even help maintain the memories and general brain health of the elderly!

When it comes to entertainment, it was previously thought that winning some games was simply down to luck. You’d hear people ask – is bingo a game of chance? Which certainly might have been the case before. However, today’s technology has taught us that it’s about strategy and skill, not just sheer fortune. Keep reading below to discover how technology could help you win games that are to do with skills, whether in sports, gaming, or much more!

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The Sports Industry

The world of sports is one game industry that technology has helped to streamline. Sometimes it might be down to luck, but for the most part, all athletes and players spend a lot of time training and practicing to try and hone their skills. With the help of technology now, tracking progress and details that might be too fast for the human eye has been made much easier.

Tracking Fine Details

One of the ways that technology has helped in the sports industry is by helping coaches and referees make decisions that previously might have been considered unfair or doubtful at most. Sometimes seeing whether or not a ball actually went into the net or seeing if a cricket player was over the line was difficult just because of how quickly it all happened. 

The camera technology, though, means that even the most fast-paced throws or kicks can be slowed down and zoomed in precisely to see exactly what happened. This has made making final decisions much easier, and viewers, players, and decision-makers alike can be assured that the decision has been called as fairly as possible.

Better Training Facilities

Another way technology has helped athletes to hone their skills and increase their chances of winning is through various simulations that replicate what the pitch, track, or ring might look like. By replicating conditions, including weather and road conditions, players are able to anticipate and train in even the most severe of conditions, so that when it comes to the real thing, they’re already aware of what to do. F1 fans can also experience what it’s like on the race track themselves, thanks to the simulation centers!

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Tracking Individual Performance

Another key element for athletes to continue improving their performance is tracking their progress and conditions. The development of smart sensors, or ‘smart clothing’ as it’s commonly known now, means that everything from an athlete’s heart rate, hydration levels, internal body temperature, and much more can be tracked in real time! 

Aside from sensors, GPS trackers and even lasers have been incorporated into training and can track everything from acceleration and velocity to distance and position. These things can determine which areas need more improvement than others. Fine-tuning the little details will make a big difference to the overall performance of any pro and will increase the chances of winning.

Brain Training for Seniors

Aside from the sports industry, technology has also been especially helpful in boosting the development and maintenance of older people. Studies have shown that playing even the simplest video games has improved performance in areas like reading, decision-making, and even fine motor skills, especially where these things have deteriorated with age.

Multi-tasking is another skill that is improved as they learn to react fast and make quick decisions while fighting off an opponent. Having to press multiple buttons in a specific sequence also contributes to this. Increasing the speed at which they can solve problems in a game will also translate into the real world and determine how active an older person can be.

Thanks to technology, playing video games has also been shown to improve the memories of more senior people, both short and long-term. Playing video games has been shown to strengthen the minds of the elderly by keeping them engaged with fun puzzle-solving animated video games or even action games that they can play alone or with their loved ones. Learning how to strategize in a game requires a sizable intake of information, which means that they can continue to process large quantities of information outside of the game world much faster, meaning that their brains remain stimulated.

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