How many calories are burned by jumping rope? Jump rope calorie calculator

Jumping rope is a cardiovascular workout that boxers, football players, and world-class athletes swear by. Compared to other of cardio activities, an effective jump rope exercise for weight reduction burns more calories each hour.

The length of time you spend skipping rope and the quantity of calories you burn are governed by how fast you skip rope and how much time you spend skipping rope. You may lose a lot of weight if you do it correctly and consume the right meals. Rope skipping burns between 15 and 20 calories each minute. Working out for 15 minutes with your jump rope will easily burn 200 to 300 calories. Furthermore, when compared to running, a popular activity for burning calories and losing weight, rope skipping burns 25% more calories each minute.

How many calories does 1000 jump rope burn? An example:

A total of 170 calories are burned by jumping rope 1,000 times. We’ll estimate you do 1,000 leaps in around 10 minutes, though the figure shouldn’t change much if you take longer or shorter. We’re also assuming you’re of average height and weight. If you’re heavier, your 1,000 leaps will burn more calories.

The quantity of calories expended when jumping rope is determined by your weight, the intensity of your activity, and the length of time you spend doing it. For example, jumping rope at a slow speed for 10 minutes burns 105 calories for a 150-pound (68kg) individual. Jumping rope at a fast speed for 10 minutes burns 196 calories for a 200-pound (90.8kg) individual.

Jump rope calorie calculator

Welcome to our Jump rope calorie calculator ( It doesn’t matter if you want to jump rope for the reduction of your weight, cardio exercises, or to start a day with a jump rope (even on a trip). Our calculator will encourage you to spend time on one of the most effective workouts available. You will be informed about the several benefits of jumping rope, the most important of which is how jumping rope improves cardio.

Jumping rope can burn from 15 to 20 calories each minute. In a quick 15-minute workout, the typical person burns 200 to 300 calories by jumping a rope. For comparison – running burns 25 percent less calories per minute than rope leaping (skipping). And it’s important to remember that it’s dedicated not only for boxers or toddlers.

Our Jump rope calorie calculator estimates the number of calories expended during your workout based on average metabolic rates. For example, select the average number of leaps per minute after entering your weight and training length.



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