How has culture evolved through the years?

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All cultures change over time. No culture is stagnant. As societies evolve over time, a considerable number of things can change. In other words, evolution brings changes. Cultures change because people change. It can be from the way people think. And when people change, their beliefs change as well.

However, the two biggest questions are, ‘how are cultures formed’ and ‘why are they changing?’ The answers are that cultures are changing due to development of new technologies, and social conflict. China for instance, is far away from being exceptional in experiencing an innovative rate of change.

It is now amply clear that the world is in an accelerating culture change period across the globe irrespective of whether everyone tries to resist it or not. It is driven by the growth of mass media and international commerce. Eventually, what is driving it is the huge human population explosion. The number of people on earth now doubles in less than half a century!


Globalisation is a continuing process by which cultures, societies, and economies have become united through a globe-spanning network of execution and communication. Globalisation is the main reason of the current cultural changes in society.


Homogenisation in relations to culture is when unique pieces of cultures are lost, or when pieces of the culture become uniform and similar. This happens due to countries developing at different speed, and frequently less developed nations try to match numerous aspects of more developed nations.

Social Conflict

Social conflict states to the numerous types of negative social interaction that may happen within social relationships, and may include physical violence. Some examples are unwanted demands, hostility, criticism, arguments, and more. Back in the time where people were fighting over personal differences, regardless of what the differences could be, there would always be a winner of the fight. And at this point, the loser had to change to meet the wants of the winner.

For example, in the American Civil War, some of the north states wanted to keep the country together where there would be no slavery. However, the south states were opposed to that and wanted to split everything to keep slavery. In the end, the north states won the battle and the south had to abide to them and change their culture.

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Technology is another big aspect where culture was forced to change. For instance, when computer was introduced, culture changed immensely. People started using the internet over book. They also drifted away from writing letters and started to send emails which were more practical. Technology has changed everyone’s culture through the media and internet.

It is now crystal clear that culture change is very complex. It has far ranging effects and causes. To understand all the indices of change, everyone must take a full approach to studying cultures and the surroundings in which they exist!


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