How to Dress for Your Next Interview

It can be difficult to know what to wear for an interview. Most interviewers take their candidate’s clothing choices into account so it’s important to get your outfit right. Depending on the company, the style of the interview and the expectations of the interview will vary. 

However, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to find the perfect outfit for your interview and maximize your success. Generally, interviewers expect their candidates to dress smartly.

Looking at the Company’s Personality and Dress Code

Rolling up to your interview in a T-shirt and shorts combination is a surefire way to receive a rejection from the company, regardless of whether you’ve had plenty of interview coaching and answer every question perfectly.

Even if you’re interviewing at a company that is known for being informal, fun, and friendly, there are still expectations that you need to meet at the interview.

Some interviewers will include a dress code or general style guide on their job applications, or they’ll provide these details when they invite you for an interview. Make sure to read through this information in detail and find an outfit that meets the interviewer’s expectations.

If you don’t receive any information before the interview, take a look at the company’s website and identify its level of formality. You can also look at the company’s social media channels to get a sense of what its employees tend to wear.

Casual vs Business Outfits

Even in casual workplaces, you will be expected to wear relatively smart clothing at your interview, such as navy blue dress shirts or blouses. However, you won’t need to wear something as formal as a shirt, tie, and blazer if the company emphasizes a smart-casual dress code.

Some smart-casual outfit ideas include:

  • Shirt or blouse with black cargo trousers
  • Casual black or navy dress with tights
  • Blouse and knee-length pencil skirt with a cardigan
  • Dark blue or black jeans with a shirt or blouse

Large corporations and professional companies may expect you to dress formally for your interview. Here are some outfit ideas for formal business interviews:

  • Smart black or navy dress with tights
  • Buttoned-up blouse and knee-length pencil skirt with a blazer
  • Buttoned-up shirt with tie, blazer, and smart black trousers

Focus On Comfort

Regardless of the outfit that you choose, make sure it’s comfortable. Physical discomfort is the last thing you want during an interview when you’re already under a lot of pressure.

Avoid wearing anything that’s too tight or makes it difficult to sit down properly. Make sure to wear a pair of shoes that are appropriate for the company’s dress code but are also comfortable enough to wear for the duration of the interview.

Take the weather conditions into account so that you don’t get too hot or cold during the interview. If it’s due to rain, consider bringing a spare pair of shoes and socks with you so that you aren’t trailing mud into the interview room!


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