How to write an essay for a university


Manage your ideas

You have got a topic to research or you’re going to pick the one – you have to manage your main idea. It’s time to do some research to be sure that you will have enough material to work with. Anyway, the idea should be specified and expanded to the topic of the essay. If we talk about the idea it has to focus on solving any problem or try to discuss actual solutions that can be applied. After confirming an idea, manage the core statements that you will work on. It’s important to set them in logical order. At the start, you can just write all of them down and after picking three-five from the best add them to your essay. If you don’t want to spend several days working on it, you can ask us to write essay for me.

Prepare your structure

The structure of the essay is the next goal to focus on. Depending on the word volume you can work with one, three, or five paragraphs. You should develop your topic by growing from chapter to chapter, providing hypotheses and argumentation of your claims. If we talk about a 1000-word essay, you have to prepare 100-150 words for an introduction and 150-200 words for a conclusion. The rest has to be the body of the essay. Approximately, there should be 700 words split into three. There are no such requirements for what chapter should be bigger. It’s all up to your work process.

Goals for the body text

We are going to provide you with a to-do list that helps you to keep everything in mind and write a good essay. Anyway, if you don’t have time or you face huge problems with writing the essay, you can ask an essay helper.

  • Your body text should provide a reader with completely clear statements, claims, hypotheses, and arguments.
  • Focus on all goals that were set in the introduction. That allows you to be on the right track and don’t flood a reader with information.
  • You have to work with materials that were received from academic papers, dissertations, and another research.
  • If you change structure during the writing process, you have to keep your goals for the essay in mind.
  • Do your best to answer questions as better as possible.
  • The actual information is better because it’s cutting-edge.
  • Work with your ideas and vision more than with others because it’s your essay.
  • You have to work with one of the academic standards. So, quotations will vary.
  • Avoid plagiarism of any kind because you will be punished or even expelled from the university.
  • Try to write a little summary after every paragraph. This allows you to make the conclusion much easier.
  • If you need, write schemes that visualize your statements. Sometimes, it’s just better to support your ideas with a simple drawing.
  • Don’t try to write it for several hours from scratch. On the next day, you have to read the essay and improve your text to make it sound better and more informative.
  • You have to spend enough time doing spell-checking. Mistakes can significantly decrease your final grade because a professor understands that you tried to write an essay at once for one night.

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Writing an introduction

A well-written intro is a great way to start your essay. You have to generate an idea for it and then write it in a simple and easy-to-understand form. Keep in mind not to flood a reader with information – for this purpose you have a body text. Set goals for your essay that you will be going to achieve. It’s important to show a reader that you generate good ideas and you are ready to prove them. You can mention the most important academic papers that you are going to use in your work.

Writing a conclusion

The conclusion is the final part of your work. You have to start with several sentences about how your idea was developed in the paper. Was it right? Then, you have to mention all the goals that you set in the introduction to be sure that your essay has an impact. Don’t forget that your professor will read the essay attentively, so you have to mention the most important academic writers and scientists and their works. Focus on the aspect of their usefulness for your topic. For more advice, we’d like you to read Awesome Tips for Writing a Discursive Essay.


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