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During the holidays most people do a lot of traveling. When it comes to traveling with children we all know how much work it can be. Add to that the transferring of all their toys and car seats and bags. It really makes you second guess your decision to leave the house at all. But we all know that with families staying home isn’t an option, there are people to see and gifts to deliver. BubbleBum has some amazing products to make holiday travel easier on you and the kids.

Holidays with BubblebumWhen it comes to booster seats, space is always a huge issue. If you’re only sporting 1 or 2 seats you should be fine, but once you start getting into 4 or more like me you need seats that will not only fit your child but fit the car. We have a Dodge Caravan and I gotta say I love the heck outta it, but there isn’t much room in the back seat. With a family of 7, every possible seat belt is being used. The BubbleBum booster is a perfect booster for space saving. There are no extras with this seat like cup holder, but it’s easily portable from one car to the next, making changing cares a breeze.

BubbleBum, best seller and parents’ favorite,winner of more than 20 design and innovation awards including Mumsnet, Mother & Baby and Practical Parenting. The portable, lightweight, inflatable car booster seat for children aged between 4-11 easily deflates and packs away,making it perfect for vacations, rental cars, taxis, coach journeys, school trips or carpooling.

The BubbleBum Junkie is an amazing way to keep everything organized. With 5 kids junkiethey are always bringing so many things along that the van quickly becomes a mess. Its a perfect way to organize all the things that keep your smalls busy. From tablets and DVD players to color books and crayons. My kids love that they can fins everything easily. I love that there is no more mess. There are two trays for coloring and even a play to put your tablet. There is a lace for trash or juice boxes and snacks. It folds into a nice compact cube when not in use making it easily stored in the trunk.

The Junkie transforms your backseat, organize your junk and keeps your kids entertained. With a “tech mount” for kids to share one device, both kids can access, interact and view together. Two compact, retractable activity trays for snacking and play. Junkie also features two convenient cup holders. Expanding compartment fits the removable, reusable, refillable tote bag with insulated pocket, to transport all your junk from home to car.

sneckFor some reason, toddlers and young children seem to be able to fall asleep anywhere and in any position. Must be nice! But they don’t always seem very comfortable and I often wonder how they don’t get the biggest kink in their neck. The BubbleBum Sneck takes care of that concern with a micro bead pillow that Velcro to the back of the head rest. The Sneck helps provide some comfort and stability at the same time. Comes with a little storage pocket for an iPod or snack. It folds up making it great for travel in the car, bus or plane.






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