Give Imagination with Shape Mags

Give Imagination with Shape MagsThere are so many toys today that require batteries, it’s nice to know that there are still toys out there for kids that need nothing but their hands and their imagination. Shape Mags are a fun building toy that uses magnets to stick together. The sky is the limit with these toys. Your child can build whatever they like with Shape Mags. One of the great things about Shape Mags is they are compatible with most other magnetic building toys and the bright colors are fully engaging. They are easily cleaned as well.

I love that these toys are age appropriate for all of my children. My baby is still a bit young, but the others from ages 3-14 all have a blast playing together and building. They build castles and Mickey Mouse clubhouse and pretty much anything they can think of. They even try to build a maze for their Guinea pig, but he is a bit big and just ended up crushing their building. They truly sit and pay for hours together. As a mom, it is so nice to have those few minutes of peace.

These are not my first set of magnetic building toys but they are by far the coolest. I love that they are a solid color and really give it a pretty stained glass feel. Give Imagination with Shape MagsMy kids love building it up on the window seal to really get that full effect. The quality of the plastic and the magnets are first rate, able to withstand my crazy boys stomping and crashing their cars into their buildings. Even when I consider throwing out all other toys to simplify my children’s life, these toys are always on the list of things to keep. They are never the same game twice for endless hours of imaginative play.

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