Holiday Gift Guide for Young Men

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Men are always harder to buy for than women, as there are so many gift-sets out there aimed at women. For anyone who has had to buy presents for their son, dad or partner, you know how hard it is to find something new and different each year. Young men are probably the hardest to buy for as they are one of the fussiest categories. If you need some help with your tricky teen or you want to get your boyfriend something more stylish this Christmas, check out this holiday gift guide for young men.


For the Fitness Lover

If the man in your life is into the gym, there are many gym related gifts you could give him. You may notice he likes to wear a certain brand of gym wear, so this is one is practical and the ideal present he’ll love. If you want something a bit different, a Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker is the new and improved Fitbit and it’s completely waterproof. There is also the idea of getting him a new shaker and blender set if he drinks protein shakes. This gives him the ability to add fruit and vegetables to his shake, making it tastier and healthier. If he hasn’t already got one, a gym membership is a gift that will last all year round and can save him money.

For the Fashionable Man

If your guy loves his designer brands and likes to look good, finding a nice hoodie or shirt could be the way forward this holiday season. A designer hoodie is a great choice as it can be worn often, unlike a shirt. Off-White is one of the most popular brands at the moment with young men and they have a variety of clothing to choose from. An Off-White hoodie is a great present for any guy and he is sure to love it – SSENSE currently have these in stock but as the holiday season approaches, you may want to snap one up fast.

For the Businessman

A large portion of the American workforce is working from home now because of the pandemic. You guy may be one of them, too, and maybe he’s also fighting a losing battle with his clunky home computer like so many others are. If that’s the case, why not give him a sleek, powerful desktop computer for the holiday?

A desktop computer can handle a lot of heavy lifting, so he doesn’t have to worry slowing down when multitasking and running several programs all at once. The larger display will also let him work more efficiently and more comfortably. With more available ports, he can connect more than two or three peripheral devices all at once. What a desktop computer lacks in mobility, it makes up for in power, functionality, and connectivity.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts have come a long way and there are so many gifts out there now that any young man would appreciate. Personalizing a gift shows that you have thought about what to buy, and if you are struggling for a gift idea this can jazz up any present. Any gift can be personalized from an Apple Watch to a piece of jeweler; these can all be engraved to add a touch of something special to their holiday present. Other gifts include personalized beers or an engraved lighter. If you are looking for something special but inexpensive, there are any number of great ideas out there.

For the Geek

If there’s anything that guys love, it’s geeking out. Whether that’s over a hobby, their occupation, math, or pop culture, young men just pour their hearts out when something piques their interest.

If you want something to give your geeky family members and loved ones, go for a quirky geek graphic T-shirt. Find the perfect printed tee that represents them or will surely make them laugh, whether that’s a science joke, a Star Wars reference, or a simple yet witty statement.

There are numerous designs to choose from, but giving a shirt that your intended recipient can relate to makes it feel more personal. They’ll surely appreciate the gesture and even love your gift so much they’ll wear it over and over.

For the Gadget Guy

Men love their gadgets, whether this is their phone, tablet or games console. For those that have a gadget guy in their life, now is a better time than ever to get them something unique and different. Virtual reality is trending a lot at the moment and you can get a headset for any phone. Drones are also a big thing, but these can be at the more expensive end of the price scale. There is always a new phone or a new game out for their Xbox or PlayStation, but if you really want to see him act like a big kid on Christmas Day then check out the best tech gifts of 2018, including the Nintendo NES Classic Edition.

For the New Student

For any parents that have a son who has just gone off to university or college, there is always something to get them that is practical and well needed. Alcohol is a gift that will always be appreciated by any student, but there are plenty of other quirky ideas. Scent bird is the gift that keeps on giving, with a monthly subscription of designer cologne being sent all year round. This allows him to keep fresh and have a new smell each month and is certainly a different idea. You may want to treat them to a gift card for a restaurant near their student flat, so they can take their new friends out and have a good time. For those just starting, a new laptop is perfect for any student. Ensure you take them shopping with you and choose the laptop that will be best for their course, as there may be programmers that need to be installed for their coursework.

There are so many gifts out there for men if you know what they are into. Turning a practical gift into something special, such as getting their new Apple Watch personalized, can add that little something extra to their present. If you are stuck on what to get the young man in your life, following this quick guide will leave you brimming with ideas in no time.


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