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High blood pressure has been seen to be first and third leading cause of death in America.  According to statistics, 1 among every 3 citizens of the united states have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, that is about 75 million adults have high blood pressure. High blood pressure has been seen to dangerous to your health, by majorly increasing the risk of kidney diseases, coronary heart diseases and even stroke. This rampant disease can be cured or eliminated, however; this can go unnoticed. High blood pressure do not have symptoms or warning signs that would alert you of its presence. Due to the above, it is strictly advised that everyone get their blood pressure checked with your GP or nurse often.

For those you have been diagnosed, many have fear instilled them about blood pressure, mostly which is the numerous medications you have to use on regular bases. But, according to Prof. Mathew Burg, in California New York, He said, anybody who has is blood pressure high should be encouraged to work with their physician to try various things that might help them lower their blood pressure without the use of pharmacologic agents. In his statement, it shows that one can handle his high blood pressure without being overwhelmed by the thousands of medication he or she has to face.

This article will be addressing how exactly who can make that possible, not only avoiding the medications but also getting yourself cured by doing few a things like taking a more natural approach.


Eating Healthily

Eating a healthy diet is of utmost importance. Little changes will have to be incorporated in your diet plan. Foods such as grains, vegetables, fish rich in omega-3 fatty acid, fruits, dairy product that are low in fat and also you can eat skimps on saturated fat and cholesterol should be included in your diet plan.

  • Eating vegetables and fruit: consuming this regularly helps reduces the sodium and the effect it has on your blood pressure because vegetables are seen to be rich in potassium which suppresses sodium. It would also be better if you do not consume foods that contains sodium at all. Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and carrots, fruit such as apples, bananas, oranges, pears, and prunes also legumes- kidney beans, lentils, chick peas, black-eyed peas, and lima beans. This and others should be consumed regularly.
  • Check labels: Many consume shop and consume foods without checking the labels, this is a very bad habit. Try checking the label of everything you consume, so it does not contain sodium and others. Also try avoiding consuming salt as this is bad for your health, you can use other means to spice up your food- herbs.
  • Avoid processed food: kindly stay away from this, as many foods during the processing stage has sodium added to it.
  • Equally foods such as red meat, beverages, palm oil and coconut oil and sugary foods should be strictly avoided. Stay away from them.

You should also try using the DASH, as this is seriously good for you to follow.

Careful with Alcohol

Many have been told that alcohol has nothing to do with high blood pressure or it even helps. It both true and false, however; it depends on how consumed. When alcohol is consumed in small quantity it actually helps in bring your blood pressure down. On the contrary, if consumption is not moderated, that is drinking more than one drink for females and two for males this might even actually worsen the case- it reduces the effectiveness of the medications you are using (if you are using any) and at the same time step up the your blood pressure you dearly want to reduce.

Stop Smoking

This is popularly known to be dangerous to our health, a cigarette is contains hundreds of chemicals that are toxic to your health.  This affects and helps to worsen your blood pressure. However; hard it will be to quit smoking you should try and stop. Life is precious.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly when done properly can help in making a clearly difference in your blood pressure. If this is done for half an hour at any time of your choice. It can help you drop your blood pressure by 3-7 mm Hg. However, if you want a more positive result try keeping the exercises regular because immediately you stop your blood pressure start accruing back. Which you wouldn’t like. Those who are diagnosed with prehypertension if done regularly can avoided getting hypertension itself.

Statistics over the years have proven that certain exercise have been very productive in reducing high blood pressure such as- walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing or other exercises that help reduce weight.

High blood pressure seems to worsen as your weight increases. Weight loss is one of the most effect lifestyle change that best help in putting your blood pressure in check. This increases your blood pressure especially for those overweight as it affect your breathing also.

This are naturally ways to get your blood pressure dropped, however this way won’t work if you don’t adhere strictly to the ways that have been listed above. Have your friends and family assist you. Eat and exercise properly and have your high blood pressure fading away.


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