How to grow an indoor garden more efficiently

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The fact of not having a garden, or a terrace, is not reason enough not to plant some herbs, flowers or plants. Indoor gardens are becoming more and more popular, and there are many good reasons for this. If you can’t just wait for the weather to start warming up and gardening, don’t be afraid. Indoor gardening is a great way to save money and get the head to start growing your garden with ease.

Here are some quick tips on how to grow an indoor garden more efficiently

How many plants at the same time?

There are really indoor gardens for all needs. You will necessarily choose according to the space available at home. The size of the pots can also make it possible to have a more or less important harvest or not to have to change the soil too quickly.

All in all, all indoor gardens are said to be compatible with small spaces. You will, therefore, have no trouble finding a place for them. The price will necessarily vary between more or less large models, offering the possibility of planting several varieties.

If you have room, I advise you not to hesitate to go directly to an indoor garden with 3 or 4 growing areas. This allows you not to be quickly frustrated, and to test with different varieties of aromatic herbs, or to add space to grow a few small tomatoes or mini peppers.

Use of containers

Reuse containers when creating, purchasing, or planting seeds indoors, any amount of things can be a good container. The size of an empty yogurt cup is about 2 inches square, 2 to 3 inches deep, and perfect.

You can wrap the newspaper loosely in a 2.5-inch thick stud, form the bottom, remove the stick, and press the lower end of the newspaper together with a cup of newspaper with a potting mixture.

This makes the entire paper container biodegradable and can be placed in the garden, making it easier to transplant.

Always use containers that can drain excess water. Roots are laid with excess moisture, they rot. So if the route is not a container, pierce the container.

Indoor garden location

Find a convenient place for home garden. After sowing, first heat is more important than light. You can start planting in a warm place. Seedlings break through the soil, need light once.

you can put your seedlings in the corner in front of large windows that can come underground or in a lot of sunlight for warmth. When the seedlings are visible, you can move to a bright place under artificial light.

Prepare the soil and plant it at the right time.

The space you have to deal with for an indoor garden is quite small, so it is easier to prepare perfect soil than an outdoor garden. Start with the seed or mix right from the sterile bag.

Most seed packages will tell you when you plant them according to your area or average frost. If not, ask your local gardener. The plant is too large in the room, may start growing soon, and emphasizes that it is transplanted. But if it is too late, the seedlings do not mature indoors.

Once again, start growing your plants, don’t transplant them once too soon. If the soil is not too cold and the soil is not warm enough, everything you do will fail.

Check soil moisture daily. 

Put your finger in. See if the soil is the same thickness as the squeezed sponge. And let the soil easily communicate enough water. It needs to retain moisture as the roots go down. Cover the wet newsprint or plastic container to keep it warm. Once humid, remove the lid once, the plant will infiltrate the soil.

Add artificial lighting

plants that receive natural light can also benefit from cold and warm fluorescent lights. you can use light from a light bulb to supplement natural light.

You can place aluminum foil or whiteboard on the surface around the container that reflects light. This maximizes the light reflected back to the seedlings.

Autonomous garden, grow by itself.

For those who cannot keep a plant for more than 3 days then the autonomous garden is necessarily ideal. There is nothing to do here, except plugging in the vegetable patch and filling a water tank.

Irrigation is done automatically, and a lamp lights up 16 hours a day to provide the necessary light.

For several weeks, you do nothing more than watch the plants grow. If there is a lack of water, the LEDs on the lamp will flash to warn you, so you will only fill this tank, about once a month.

It is clearly the ideal material for plant killers, but it is also a perfect accessory for those who do not return home every day or who do not always have time to think about watering. You will be able to go on holiday for 15 days, without worrying about your garden. The autonomous garden takes care of everything.


The ways we showed above are some basic and obvious points to grow your indoor garden more efficiently. Just keep it simple and have patience.



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