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If your vacation tend to be to the same place every year, or you stick with destinations that seem familiar, then 2018 is the year in which you should make a point to visit something new and outside the box. There are so many fantastic spots to see amazing sights and enjoy something out of the ordinary. Today we look at our favorite spots to entice and inspire you to take a leap into an exotic vacation.

Singapore Loves Golf

Singapore is a bustling city that has so much to offer, including golf! It may be hard to imagine that such a large and crowded city would have room but golfscape Singapore golf courses that are above an beyond any you have experienced, offer amazing skylines and tranquility all in one place. Perfect for any skill level and budget, this is the place to go and enjoy the back nine after a day of shopping.

Italy Offers a Gentler Pace

Not everyone enjoys a vacation in a city full of loud traffic and the overwhelming sense of “go-go-go” and that is where Italy comes in. While there are cities in Italy that are full and busy, the Aeolian Islands are a perfect getaway to experience a different culture and relax. You can truly live the life off the northeast coast of Sicily and explore the seven islands; Alicudi, Filicudi, Lipari, Panarea, Salina, Stromboli, and Vulcano. The stunningly beautiful waters offer swimming, diving, and sailing to ease your soul. If you enjoy hiking, the hissing volcanoes welcome you as you come close to these amazing wonders. Wine-lovers can spend the afternoon sipping the locally made Malvasia wine and dine on the exquisite local fare.

The Islands of Denmark Await You

Island living can be remote and make the best vacation destinations possible. The Faroe Islands of Denmark are an amazing way to see life with a new pair of eyes. The Islands are small and it is easy to see all of it within a week or two. While many imagine the northern countries to be gray and bleak, the Faroe Islands are colorful and intensely beautiful. You can take road trips and drive above the fog, affectionately referred to as “Heaven on Earth, or set sail to do a bit of fishing and bird watching. Hiking is plentiful and horseback riding is waiting to bring you as close to nature as possible. There are music festivals all year round with the largest held during the summer that brings in bands from all over the world. The Faroe Islands are just one of the underrated vacation destinations you can find.

Poland Gives You Amazing Architecture

Legend has it that Krakow, Poland was founded on the defeat of a dragon. If you love medieval lore and old world architecture, Krakow should be on your destination list! The Old Town is host to monumental churches, history-laden museums, and the largest market square known as Rynek Glowny. Wawel Castle is the major draw to this amazing city and one you simply cannot pass by. Dating back to the 16th century, the massive castle is now a museum divided into five sections and each requires it’s own ticket. It is recommended that you make the State Rooms and Royal Private Apartments your top two picks to visit as they are the most impressive. The food in Krakow is divine with many international options available in addition to its local fare (plenty of duck, goat, and veal). Wine is plentiful and is served at virtually every café and restaurant in the city.

Travelling should take you to a place that allows you to learn about our neighbors, confirm your sense of self, leave you in awe, and take you away from your everyday life. These are just a few places that offer all of those things to you. There are many other places like this and we invite you to become the explorer you were destined to be.



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