The Wonderful Attractions in Saudi Arabia

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There are many places around the world that can pride themselves with incredible attractions, both touristic and religious, but Saudi Arabia is one stunning location that will amaze you unlike anything else. From solemn pilgrimage destinations to incredible touristic attractions where you can enjoy new, cool experiences, there is something for everybody that may fill their cup of tea. While deeply religious, always showing a big respect to their religion, the locals in Saudi Arabia certainly are some of the most welcoming and warm hosts when it comes to the tourists visiting their wonderful locations. Keep reading below for more information on the best attractions in Saudi Arabia, both religious and touristic.


1.      Al-Ula

This is one of the oldest cities in Saudi Arabia, located 110 kilometers of Tayma and it dates back from the Dedanite kingdom in the 7th century. The city is also mentioned in the “Haran Inscriptions”. This is by far one of the most interesting attractions in Saudi Arabia and it has been since ancient times one of the most developed commerce and trade hubs. The birthplace of two ancient kingdoms, Dedan and Lihyan, that ruled over the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula, this is one of the most important religious cities in Saudi Arabia. Being an ancient settlement, the city is filled with relics of old buildings, Al-Ula Heritage Village is a traditional Arabian village where people have moved 8 centuries ago. The city has been explored in modern times by adventurers and explorers all around the world due to its stunning beauty and incredible attractions.

2.      Eve’s Tomb, Jeddah

This is the believed to be the archeological site where the “mother of us all” is buried. The tomb is 120 meters long and three meters wide, with an approximate height of six meters. The condition of the tomb started to deteriorate in face of time. In Islam, the tradition teaches us that after Adam and Eve were kicked out of Eden, they went separate ways. Adam went to Makkah and he built the sacred Kaaba, while Eve went to Jeddah and opened the entry point for pilgrims to Makkah.

With plentiful mentions in many classic travel narratives throughout the centuries, those reaching this impressive destination in their incursions should definitely visit Eve’s Tomb.

3.      Wahbah Crater

A place of a stunning natural beauty, the Wahbah Crater is a rare anomaly. It is located in the middle of a flat and barren desert. The crater is believed to be created by an ancient meteor strike and has been brought to the surface by volcanic activity.

While craters, generally, are lovely and impressive to watch, this particular one holds an impressive beauty, thanks to the white salt sizzling and sparkling from its depths. Intricate patterns of white and beige, the green vegetation that surrounds the crater creates an impressive and stunning view. This is how an otherwise barren and dry desert becomes an oasis of life. In recent years, the officials in Saudi Arabia have created the necessary means for tourists to reach the crater in an easier fashion, building roads and markets all around it.

4.      Makkah

Of course, the Islam religion holds dearly to this destination, being a location of a high religious significance. The city is located approximately 70 kilometers from Jeddah, in a fairly narrow valley. But what makes this destination truly stunning is the fact that yearly, millions of believers gather here for their Hajj. Recognized as the birthplace of Muhammad, but also as the place where Muhammad had his first revelation of the Quran, Makkah is the holiest city in the Muslim religion.

All able Muslims have to go to Makkah at least once in their lifetime, for their Hajj. And so, yearly, millions of Muslims from all around the world a stunning event takes place. Millions of Muslims of different nationalities worship in unison. The procession is a mesmerizing one during which each person walks counter-clockwise seven times around the Kaaba but also runs back and forth between the hills of Safa and Marwah but not only. The procession itself is a lengthy one and involves numerous rituals and symbolic sacrifices.

Most of the pilgrims that travel to Makkah to do their religious duties usually book ahead of time their Makkah luxury hotels, as this is a very busy period when accommodation is very difficult to find. 

5.      Dumat al-Jundal

Another ancient Saudi Arabian city, Dumat Al-Jandal is one of the most stunning destinations in this amazing place. It is located 37 km away from Sakakah. With numerous ancient ruins and a hot climate, the city is best to be visited throughout the fall and winter season. Visit the old quarters in this city and enjoy some cobblestone streets in intricate layouts but also some simply stunning houses and buildings.

6.      Za’abal Castle, Sakakah, Saudi Arabia

The castle is sitting on the top of a mountain, again located in the north-west of Saudi Arabia. The current structure is believed to have been built some 200 years ago. But the archeological proof that the settlement is far older than this is simply amazing. According to ancient ruins, the structure existed since the first century AD. The location gives an impressive view over the surrounding areas. But the fortress served a greater purpose in the past. It was designed to be a catch basin for water, which was afterwards fed through a well system, so big that you can actually walk through it. Due to this reason, the wells are closed for safety purposes.

Before you go, make sure to hire a local driver when you visit the area. Make sure that you note that there are more places for men to visit than there are for women. However, there are also a few places where both men and women can eat together and remember it’s always good to have a Saudi Visa on hand while traveling. 

This is our top of the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia, for both touristic and religious purposes. But there are so many other impressive and intricate destinations that you should explore if you ever land in Saudi Arabia.


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