Great Afterschool Programs and Tutoring Services Perfect for Any Child

If your kids are glued to the TV or tablet when they come home from school, it’s probably time to enroll them in an afterschool program.

Studies show that increased screen time is linked to problems with cognitive and language development. Spending too much time in front of a screen can also worsen make some mental health disorders.

Afterschool programs will decrease the chances of developmental issues caused by excessive screen time. Additionally, research proves that enrolling your child in afterschool programs improve their academic performance and classroom behavior, and reduces the risk of drug use.

Not sure which programs are the best for your child? Here are a few options to consider.


Does your child struggle with mathematics?

Then Mathnasium may be the perfect afterschool program.

Mathnasium is a learning center that focuses on math skills and tutoring. Their tutors are trained to deliver customized plans that address your child’s unique challenges.

As a whole, the American school system does not provide adequate mathematics education for students. Thankfully, afterschool programs like Mathnasium help to fill this void.

How much does Mathnasium cost? The cost for Mathnasium typically ranges from $200 to $300 a month, and the price of tutoring varies.

Private Tutoring

If your child is falling behind in more than one subject and finds it hard to focus in class, consider getting them a private tutor.

Unlike tutoring centers like Mathnasium, a private tutor is most beneficial to students who have a difficult time listening to directions and paying attention to detail.

To find a private tutor, ask your child’s teacher. You can also check out, it’s a free search tool that connects you with qualified tutors in your area.

Arts Afterschool Programs

Does your child perform well in one or more subjects?

You may want to enroll them in an arts-focused afterschool program. Children who participated in art-related afterschool activities saw an increase in school engagement and college aspirations.

When your child is gifted in many areas, you want to extend their abilities and challenge them in new ways. Arts programs will prevent your gifted child from getting bored and boost their motivation.

STEM Afterschool Programs

By now you’ve probably heard about the countless benefits of STEM education.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. These afterschool programs focus on building skills in these four areas.

If your child has an affinity for Legos and puzzles, a STEM afterschool program may be right for them. Children with a STEM education earned more than those without. Not only that but STEM programs teach students valuable collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Which Program Will You Choose?

The benefits of afterschool programs are endless.

Not only are they constructive, but they increase the chances of giving your child a bright future.

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