GoPro For Travel: 10 Easy Tips For GoPro Beginners

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It’s no secret but GoPro and selfie stick were one of my best investments for travel. It helps me to take awesome pictures, and it’s budget-friendly. It’s also compact and waterproof. GoPro is very popular nowadays, with its fisheye effect and wide angle lens which can capture you and everything around you.

Though it’s not as cheap as some of the simple point and shoot cameras, it totally is worth your buck as it can give you 4K resolution. It sets you free from lugging around a DSLR with extra lens’ or worrying about it from getting wet or dropped. In fact, you’ll get some incredible images to show off with your GoPro.

However, in this article, we’ll talk about 10 easy tips for GoPro beginners which are very simple for newbies who maybe just take GoPro as a travel gift or looking to step up their photography game. Let’s get started.

 1. Get the right equipment

The actual GoPro camera has some advantages like they can get you the basics, the camera itself, and the waterproof housing with some attachments. What you want to do with your camera is totally up to your call. There is a piece of equipment or accessory for you to use, no matter what it is. Do you want to take a lot of selfies? Take the selfie stick. Want to go deep in water? Take the floating stick. A biking or trekking lover? Go with chest or head strap.

  2. Take multiple shots

You get home and upload your pictures and footages just to find out that they are blurry. This is a common issue but there’s a solution. Though it’s not always a guarantee, you can simply hold your camera very still. When you use a selfie stick, you can’t get into position fast enough. So it’s pretty normal to be blurry for them.

  3. Get the right angle

If you want to get the right composition, you have to aim at the center of your chest or back. Then you can move the camera upwards or downwards as per your style. When you point the camera downwards, it makes you look shorter and smaller. And when you point that upwards, it makes you look bigger and taller. It tends to make the best pictures when the camera is angled slightly upwards or downwards as it captures the most around you.

  4. Know your camera

Taking pictures without practicing and knowing how the camera works is the biggest mistake you often make on your trip. You can’t get the best service from a GoPro in low light. They give the best service in the daylight, so when the sun is going down you should also take off your GoPro. They work pretty well in the golden light but still, they may need some editing to brighten up. Whether in dark or light, GoPro editing is very important to make your shots more gorgeous. You also have to know to quickly change between settings and have an idea about the angles that would work for you so that you can save a lot of time when you’re using a GoPro for travel.

   5. Prevent fogging and water drops

If you want to get rid of and prevent water drops, you have to lick the camera’s housing. Fogging causes due to the changes in temperature or humidity. There are anti-fog inserts to prevent this and also you can put in a few pieces of rice because they soak up the moisture. You can also make sure that your camera is dry and ready for your next day of travel by keeping the camera and its case in a sealed ziplock bag with silica beads.

   6. Create interest

It’s not necessary to lay out the whole story in the first 10 seconds. Rather, you should get the viewer’s brain firing up. You can open the door for a question and make them draw their own answers about they are seeing. You take yourself on a journey of discovery with excellent videos but with bad videos, you only provide the answers right at the beginning.

   7. Use the app

All models of GoPro don’t have the screen that you use to see your framing. That can be a disadvantage for you. But there’s is a solution for that and it’s totally free. Download the GoPro app and connect your camera according to the instructions. You can see exactly what your camera sees on your frame and frame the perfect shot by using the wifi from your camera to connect to your phone. You can also download the pictures on your phone from your camera’s memory card. From there, you can share the pictures on your social media instantly.

   8. Tighten up

You have to make sure all the screws are tightened up accordingly before heading out or after moving the camera to a new mount. It prevents the camera from changing the angles or shift suddenly, throwing off your perfect framing.

   9. Compress your files

You can take 4K resolution pictures and videos with a GoPro, and they are huge files indeed. The FIlm industry and professional films need those big sized files, you don’t need images and videos of that size apparently. But if you want to have them as I do, then you have to compress your files on your computer to save yourself from running out of space.

   10. Shop GoPro from travel equipment

You are all set once you know all the basics. You need to have all the backups as well such as the second battery, SD card, and dual battery charger. GoPro’s only get better day by day, so it’s better to use the most recent GoPro for your travel adventure.

Editing GoPro videos is essential for everyone to get the most out of it. By browsing these 10 tips, you’ll be able to capture some best footages on your next tips hopefully. You’re not the only one who face problems at the beginning stage. Even I faced a lot of issues when I was starting out. And then I got over them by practicing multiple times. You should do the same. All you need is to keep patience.





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