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GlassesShop.com, order your glasses today!


Finding a pair of glasses now and days can be a pain! With so many different selections of glasses, it can sometimes be a challenge trying to find that right pair that fits within your budget. It’s even trickier when you are trying to purchase a pair online.

Well, now you can grab a pair of  eye glasses that suit your budget and style from GlassesShop.com. You see, GlassesShop.com have been offering stylish/budget frames for over nine years and I’m sure when you visit them you too will find your style and budget price!

I sure did, it’s been a long time coming for Brittany and her glasses. She’s been looking to update her glasses for some time so when GlassesShop.com reached out I was all on board to finding her a nice, stylish pair.

I selected two pair of glasses let’s start with the first pair here called Taylor Square – Black. Retail for ($39.95)

The Taylor Square sunglasses are made from TR and Metal material, they’re the perfect fashion and geek chic glasses. These sunglasses are great choice for both men and women no matter if you’re looking for stylish sunglasses or functional prescription sunglasses.  I couldn’t wait to see how Brittany felt about them once they arrived.


As you can see they fit pretty well on her face, and she mentioned that they really were great in protecting her eyes from the glare of the sun. However, she also noticed that the sunglasses kept sliding down her face. The Taylor Square sunglasses didn’t provide much support as she thought because there is no nose pads to support her glasses on her face, therefore she continues to push them up every 20 minutes. If these glasses came with the nose pad supports I’m sure they will be an even bigger hit with Brittany, but overall she still loves them.

Next we have her reading glasses which are the BowlingGreen Rectangle – Black (retail $29.95)


brittany1 I like this pair the best, you see how nicely they sit upon her face. Not only do they sit well, these glasses also have a nice settle fashion style to them. If you were to ask Brittany if she can see better? I know she would reply with a big yes! Since she’s been wearing her prescription glasses she has been able to see the class board at school and street signs at night. She say’s she happy to be able to complete her class , and her job without the worries of not being able see the computer, chalkboard and street signs. I personally  think they fit great and of course they accents her cute smile also!

One things for sure GlassesShop.com has an array of frames even a few designer brands like Calvin Klein, Ray Ban and a few others. Their line of frames will fit every ones budget, men, women, and children plus finding a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses will be super easy and so will the process of ordering!

Available to you will be full-rim, half-rim or rimless glasses frames in various materials like plastic, metal or Flexlite. Multiple shapes, colors and styles are available plus you can even search by price or lens type. GlassesShop.com even has a Virtual Try-It application, just upload a picture of yourself or use a stock image to try on frames to see what they would look like on your face. You can also save and share with friends to get their opinion of your frame selection…cool right!

Not only can you purchase a cool frame, GlassesShop.com also offers a selection of lenses like single vision, bifocals , progressives and standard single vision lenses with anti-scratch coating are included with each pair of glasses from GlassesShop.com. Included with your glasses will be a hard eyeglass case and microfiber cleaning cloth plus you can order a pair of reading glasses if needed. Free shipping is available on orders of $59 or more and they offer a 90-day guaranteed warranty.

Overall, I think GlassesShop.com is a great online store to order your frames/glasses. With them having so many cool frames all at a reasonable price I’m sure you’ll find something to meet your eye needs!


GlassesShop.com have created a special coupon code for all readers:  coupon code GSHOT50. when you use this code you will  receive 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded).

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Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above from Hallmark at no charge for review purposes only. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and were not influenced by any other source. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC.


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