Why Do We Communicate Via Social Media Instead of Phone?

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 Communication two decades ago was very different to the way in which we communicate with one another in today’s digital age. In years gone by, we used to communicate in person, on the phone, or in writing, and we still do this to some degree. However, these days communication has become more centered around technology with huge numbers of people preferring to communicate with friends and family via email and social media platforms rather than speaking to them. With our growing obsession with tech devices, it is little surprise that people of all ages are now choosing this method of communication over more traditional ones.

So, why has social media communication become the preferred option compared to picking up the phone and actually having a chat with someone? Well, there are many reasons behind this. For instance, some people don’t like making or taking calls and one of the reasons is that we receive so many nuisance calls these days. While you can use reverse phone lookup services to find out who this is, it can still be a total inconvenience.

For some people, using social media to communicate with friends and family is all about convenience. It is a lot easier to jump online and see if the other person is also online so you can send them a message. Otherwise, you have to dial the number wait to see if they answer, if not you have to leave a voicemail or try them again. This can take up far more time than simply dropping them a message or chatting online. Another key reason is that people want to save the time that it can take to speak to someone on the phone. We all have friends and family members who simply talk and talk, so you get stuck on the phone for hours on end. With social media, once you have had enough you can just walk away or log off.

People these days love to share videos and photos with friends and family, which is another reason why so many people now use social media as their main means of communication rather than phones. Obviously, while you can describe something to the other person on the phone you cannot show it to them. With social media, you can send a video or photo of whatever you want to talk about whether it is the latest new trainers in the shops or whether you want to show off your hotel room while on holiday.

We use all sorts of social media platforms to communicate these days, with Facebook being amongst the most popular. However, there are also other tech solutions that we use in order to get in touch with friends and family such as WhatsApp and Skype. This then provides us with the option of simply chatting via instant message or actually having a video call where we can see the other person live as well as chat to them.


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