Garden Containers Which Can Help You Greenify Your Home

Gardening needs space. Said who? You can grow a garden in easily findable containers. All you need to do is to choose an ideal soil mix, gather several containers and begin planting your seeds. Container gardening is ideal for those who don’t have large private garden spaces, people living in small apartments, and anybody who wants to adorn their home with lovely greenery.

Additionally, gardening in containers is ideal for gardening enthusiasts who have trouble bending which is required while tending to plants in traditional gardens.

So, whether you want to enjoy gardening without having to purchase garden space and worrying about your back pain, or someone who wants to beautify their home with flowers and shrubs, or someone who wants to gift their loved ones with the joy of gardening, here are some kinds of containers which you can find at your home or purchase from the store:


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Rummage through your kitchen store and you will find old bottles – made up of plastic and glass – both kinds make for great plant containers.

Plastic bottles can be either placed at a spot or even be used as a hanging container. Either way, you’ll have to cut a part of the bottle and then begin with the planting.

Glass bottles make for beautiful containers. They can even be embellished with glass painting colors. However, if you’re worried how you’ll add the soil through its small opening and plant a seed in it, don’t worry! Your kitchen spoon will help for adding the soil and a tweezer will help you to plant the seed.

Some trees are only grown by cutting, in this case you should dip the stem in rooting hormone before growing. It’s a easiest way for it to start rooting.

Garage Material- Tires & Toolboxes

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 Your garage waste of old tires and rusty toolboxes can be used as raised garden beds. Tires and toolboxes give protection to plants against wind and keep the soil warm.

Unlike bottles, you can grow more than one plant in a tire and toolbox. Thus, they’re ideal containers for a bunch of flowers or shrubs.

However, if you’re worried about how pale and decrepit they look, you can always paint them with bright colors.


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Every kitchen has ample of these- egg and milk cartons. An egg carton can even be used for growing many plants. They can also be used for growing a plant which can later be transplanted into a garden.

Egg and milk cartons pose one difficulty- the water can easily seep out of them. To prevent this problem from occurring, a sheet of plastic can be laid below an egg carton and a milk carton can be laid with aluminum or plastic.

Tin Cans

Whether you have a bunch of old diet coke cans or big tin cans of paints or old tin cans of oil, any of them can be used for growing plants. However, you’ll need to do some work to make them plant ready.

You’ll need to do two things: cut the lid with a can opener, and make it drainable by drilling a few holes at the bottom. And you’re ready with a perfect plant container.


You could be having a barrel to store water from your rainwater harvesting system or have it when you purchased a good amount of wine.

Root plants like potatoes can be easily grown in barrels as their depth provides a good amount of soil for root plants to grow. In fact, huge amounts of potatoes can be grown in a single barrel.

Raised Garden Bed

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If you wish to grow many plants, then the raised garden bed will be perfect for you. It can be built from scratch or simply be purchased. In the market, it comes in various materials like wood and plastic, and in different sizes spanning from short to tall.

As you’ll need a large amount of soil mix for growing plants in a raised bed, you must pay special attention while choosing it. For choosing the best soil mix for raised beds, consider three key points:

  • Make sure your soil is neutral. If its pH is less than 7, add some limestone powder to it. If its pH is above 7, add some sulfur.
  • Keep at least 30% aside for compost in your soil mix
  • If you have a bed with a great height, add dry leaves before the soil mix. It will turn into useful compost later and will decrease your soil requirement.

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 Pick the garden containers which work best for your interest and budget. If you don’t have a very good budget and want to grow a few single plants, go for cartons and bottles. And if you have a good budget and want to grow lots of plants, go for a raised bed.



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