Gadgets And Gizmos That Will Make Life Even Easier In 2017



 Since the turn of the 21st Century, technology has become one of the most exciting things in our lives. You only need to look at all the crowds that gather when Apple unveil a new product to see just how important tech is to us now! Each year there seems to be even more cool new gadgets and gizmos that we can buy. And they all aim to make our everyday lives a lot more convenient. As 2016 is almost at a close, it is time to look ahead to the New Year. What cool new products will 2017 bring? Here are some of the things you need to keep an eye on.



 Virtual Reality

Technology continues to change the way we enjoy our free time. And one of the big industries that is playing a part in this is the gaming industry. I’m sure that most of us will have had a go on one of the big games consoles. Perhaps you have a Playstation or an Xbox? Well, if so, you may have to upgrade to a new model once 2017 rolls around. In fact, you may want to invest in a console that incorporates virtual reality into its games. Virtual reality isn’t just the stuff of science fiction novels anymore. In fact, it is already possible to turn your smartphone into a headset and play virtual reality games. But this technology will come on leaps and bounds once games consoles start to use this similar tech. Hopefully, Santa Claus will bring you some virtual reality goodies this Christmas.



 Cloud Technology

You probably already use cloud technology every day at work. But this clever type of tech is now starting to come in very useful at home as well. And it is all because cloud companies are now bringing out tech that is aimed at home use. Some of these products, such as carbonite online backup are aimed at both professional and professional use. Why do you need to use cloud tech at home? There are a number of reasons why you and your family will benefit. But one of the main is that it is a secure way to store all your sensitive documents and contracts. And they will survive even if your laptop or computer breaks. That’s because all of your files will be stored in the cloud, and not on your computer’s hardware.



Wearable Tech

Sick of misplacing your smartphone all the time? Well, there is now an easy solution to that. Instead of buying a smartphone, invest in a smartwatch! These nifty pieces of tech look exactly like watches. In fact, they act just like watches as they can tell the time. But they are so much more than a standard wrist watch. Your smartwatch will have all the same technology in it that a smartphone has. So, basically, you will just be wearing a smaller version of your phone! Wearable tech is thought to be very popular in 2017, and more of us will be using it to assist our everyday routine. 2016 saw a boom for wearables in sport, such as Fitbits. But next year, you should expect to see this tech enter more and more parts of our lives.



Driverless Cars

Sick of driving the kids to school every day? Does your daily commute get you fed up? Well, you may not have to drive around so often in the future. In fact, you may be able to take it easy in the passenger seat. And it’s all thanks to driverless cars! We now have the technology to produce cars that can drive themselves. In actual fact, this technology has been around for a number of years. But it has had to be thoroughly tested to ensure that it is safe for people to use. Google have been developing their own driverless cars, and they are extremely close to coming onto the market. So, as you can see, this is a major tech to keep your eye on. Google may be ready to release their fleet of driverless cars onto the market as early as next year! However, the chances are that they will come with an extremely large price tag. So start saving for yours now!

As you can see, tech will continue to be extremely exciting in 2017. And there is very good reason to expect it to develop even more by the time that 2018 gets here! Where do you predict all this new tech will take us?


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