Great Websites for On-Demand Furniture.

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Most of us begin shifting our décor in the fall seasons, and for some, that might even mean swapping out furniture and other home goods. But when’s the last time you refreshed the source of your home goods? The truth is, most people find one place they like shopping from and are slow to update their options. So we’ve scoured the internet for some of the best websites for on-demand furniture and home goods. There’s something for every style from these online furniture shops. Whether you’re decorating a cramped downtown studio or a sprawling country cottage, you’ll find everything you need at these fantastic venues!

The best furniture stores will offer more than just the basics like beds, dressers, and buffets; but will provide a lot of exceptional variety by offering everything from linens to rugs to tabletop décor. So when assembling our list, we made certain to try and include all-purpose options which score high points on design and value. From stores like Scoutmob which connect you to boutique crafters to specialty websites like Lull Mattress, you can rest assured that these are the best of the best.

1st Dibs

This website is for those who love vintage and antique pieces. High-end, classic, statement pieces are the specialty of this store. The cost runs very high, easily in excess of $1,000 for most items, but you’ll find stunning heritage furniture worthy of the price tag. From 100-year-old rosewood chests to statues by H.R. Giger to reclaimed grand chandeliers from old estates, there’s something for everyone.


Scoutmob is like Etsy for those who love forward-thinking but classic designs. You can easily shop unique furniture, décor, food, and gifts that’ll never be seen in a physical store, all delivered at competitive prices. If you love rustic country-modern design, this spot is definitely for you, and if you love to get your shopping all done at one place, you’re in luck!

Blu Dot

For those who prefer more modern-leaning design, Blu Dot is a Minnesota-based company offering fabulous and unique modern furnishings at exceptionally reasonable prices. You can wave good-bye to big-box Ikea products and find much more unique and stately modern furniture and décor here. A wonderful perk is that the Blu Dot staff design every single, solitary piece they sell.


If you’re on the hunt for mattresses or bedroom-related items, Lull might just be for you! This boutique offers ultra-premium mattresses with a stunning guarantee and 100-day trial, but wins a spot on the list for providing products in the difficult-to-find ‘not too soft, not too hard’ category. And since most furniture stores don’t offer mattresses (or worse, offer cheap brands that don’t stand the test of time), it’s important to consider looking beyond the traditional retailers to find a great, quality product.


Wayfair is an interesting online marketplace which doesn’t have any single product for sale all the time. Instead, the curators shop manufacturer closeouts and other deep industry discounts, passing them along to shoppers for a steep savings on quality home furnishings and décor. You can frequently find fabulous furniture and décor on a 50% or more mark down from retailer prices.

Room & Board

Another Minnesota company, this store is your budget-friendly version of West Elm. While they might not have hundreds or thousands of offerings, their attention to good modern design is almost peerless, and they focus on preserving natural materials and finishes on all of their goods.

The Bottom Line

Your home should always be your sanctuary, and for many families, fantastic design or high-quality items can be priced well out of reach. But with a little digging into great on-demand furniture and décor websites, you can get the pieces you’ve always dreamed about at a fraction of the cost!


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