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Formal Dresses for Your Zodiac

So, you have a high school formal coming up. It may well be months away, but you know what they say! It’s never too early to start planning a killer outfit. If you’re an astrology fan, you may already know that people of different zodiac signs have different styling preferences. How will your zodiac affect your choice of formal dress this year? We may not be astrologers, but we do see a very beautiful formal dress in your future. Scroll down to your zodiac sign and see which look was written in your stars.

Capricorn (22 December–19 January)


The Gisele Dress. Image: Alamour The Label

 Quiet and determined, Capricorns are no-nonsense types. At high school formals, they are the types who will be voted Most Likely to Succeed. Capricorns are no-fuss, no-frills types, so they won’t be wearing anything too eye-catching or ornate to their formal. You will spot them in the corner in a classic, minimalist piece, most likely with a touch of chic—and we think the Gisele Dress is all of those things. From its single double-strapped shoulder to its sleek, chic diamante trim, this dress loves the female form. And like the quiet yet quick-witted Goat itself, this dress masters the art of the subtle yet powerful statement.

Aquarius (20 January–18 February)


The Flora Dress. Image: Alamour The Label

 Headstrong, visionary, and unapologetically quirky, Aquarius’s are forever teeming with smart analyses and creative innovation. As high school students, if they’re not pushing the limits in a logistics class of some sort, then they’re likely leading the latest school rally.

Aquarius’s have strong voices that refuse to be silenced, so it should be no surprise that they prefer formal dresses with loud, bright prints and creative cuts. The Flora Dress is a wild explosion of sequined florals that catch the light, as well as every eye in the room. This dress makes a bold, lasting statement, and its unconventional cut and off-the-shoulder sleeves give it a highly original, very Aquarian finish.

Pisces (19 February–20 March)


The Dara Dress. Image: Alamour The Label


Pisceans have a rich inner life and a deep well of caring. As true water signs, they prefer to ride life’s waves rather than make ripples. At high school, you’ll find a Piscean in Art class or participating in lunchtime band practice. In their spare time, you may find them in the study centre writing in their journal, earbuds firmly in.

At the school formal, a Pisces’ preference for ‘going with the flow’ is reflected in their free-flowing choice of dress. It may have a few whimsical embellishments, which speak to their artistic temperament. They love aquatic blue colors and a subdued floral print. We daresay the Dara Dress is all this and more.

Aries (21 March–19 April)


The Antonia Dress. Image: Alamour The Label

Arguably the fieriest of the fire signs, Aries are known for their passionate authenticity. In high school, they channel this energy into leadership—be this leading their latest group project or leading their clique. Their stamina makes them champions in Physical Education classes, and they would be perfect school representatives at inter-school sports events. At the formal, it’s a given they will be wearing something red or bright orange. With its shimmering burnt orange fabric, the Antonia Dress encapsulates the ever-burning Aries spirit and demands to be seen. The dress revolves around the waist cut-out, just as an Aries’ energies forever revolve around a single cause of which they feel compelled to fight or take on.

Taurus (20 April–20 May)


The Corrine Set. Image: Alamour The Label

 Whilst Aries are the types most likely to fight for a cause, Taurus’s are the most likely to stick to their guns. The former is a passionate fire sign whilst the latter is a level-headed earth sign. Rather than external causes, a Taurus’s stubbornness tends to be more fixated on themselves and their own preferences. Only they will decide what’s right for them, and they will settle for nothing less than the finest things in life. The Corrine Set, whilst technically not a dress, is basically a Taurus’s dream school formal outfit. It falls firmly into the earthy, Taurean color palette, and its elegant, satin fabric speaks to the Bull’s love of luxury.

Gemini (21 May–20 June)


The Laurent Knit Set. Image: Alamour The Label

 Gemini is the Twins sign, so that means double the personality. Geminis are the students who talk in class or zone out whilst the teacher is talking. This isn’t to say that Geminis aren’t brilliant. Rather, their minds are bubbling over with so many ideas that they find it hard to focus on just one. They likely have a multitude of interests and agonize over which electives—or tertiary course—to choose for next year.

Geminis are outgoing and impulsive, and they love to express this in funky clothing choices—in bold, bright, feminine colors. The Laurent Knit Set falls squarely into the bold Gemini color palette. We could totally see a Gemini pulling this off at their school formal.

Cancer (21 June–22 July)

Dresss The Vivianne Dress. Image: Alamour The Label

 If there’s one thing Cancers are experts in, it’s themselves. And because they have such a firm, Crab-like grip of their own identities, they know what they like when it comes to clothes. Cancers may appear aloof in the schoolyard, so it may surprise you to see their bold choice of formal dress. This dress will be as bold as the thoughts they leave largely unspoken.

Cancers are true homebodies, so it makes sense that they like classic pieces they can ‘come home to’ again and again. We could see Cancers digging the Vivianne Dress. Its diamanté waist section sparkles as brightly as a Cancer’s imagination and gives a glamorous twist to the classic little black dress.

Leo (23 July–22 August)


The Juliet Dress. Image: Alamour The Label

 If you’ve never met a Leo, just think of Leo the lion: the king of the jungle. Leos may be fire signs, but unlike their Aries counterparts, they tend to internalize their passion and fieriness. This lights and warms their whole demeanor, making them friendlier and more amiable—which is what makes them such great leaders, or queens of the jungle.

Leos are the types who will likely win Best Dressed at the school formal. Depending on their relationship with academia, they can also be school captain material. With its iridescent orange color, the Juliet Dress is as bold and fiery as any Leo. It was made to stand out, and deep down, this is what every Leo craves.

Virgo (23 August–22 September)


The Damia Dress. Image: Alamour The Label

 Hardworking and humble, Virgos are grounded earth signs who yet hold themselves to the highest standards. They are detail-oriented and trust their own established methods above all else. For this reason, they make stellar students, but they despise group projects. They are the people who will say ‘I told you so’ when their good advice is ignored.

The Virgo’s meticulous internal systems translate to their dress sense. They look smart, tailored, and classic. They also love earthy colors, especially chocolate brown. What’s the best way to bring out a Virgo’s no-frills feminine side? With the Damia Dress: a chocolate brown midi that you could wear anywhere, be it to the school formal or into the city.

Libra (23 September–22 October)


The Nikita Dress. Image: Alamour The Label

Symbolized by the Scales, Libras are forever weighing up pros and cons of every situation. Though they are indecisive, their intentions are pure, as they’re forever sifting through option after option to determine the justness outcome. If ever your clique has been in a rift, the Libra has likely been assigned as mediator. Libras collect a lot of information about their friends—and the fact that this puts them at forefront of all gossip is just a cheeky bonus!

Libras are social butterflies who love people. They deserve to sparkle at their school formal! Made from luxe sapphire taffeta, the Nikita Dress is the stuff of Libran dreams—from its high-quality material to its fall in the Libran pink-blue color palette.

Scorpio (23 October–21 November)


The Romina Dress. Image: Alamour The Label

 Dynamic and calculating, Scorpios are a force to be reckoned with. If you’re their friend, they’ll stick by you to the end. Cross them and they’ll black-list you forever. Unlike Libras, these water signs have their minds firmly made up about every topic. They love darkness in all forms—from the darker end of the color spectrum to morbid or gothic preoccupations—and they use this to fuel their alluring, sensual side. On out-of-uniform day, a Scorpio will probably dress in black.

The Romina Dress is sleek and a touch seductive. Made from soft velvet, this little black mini looks amaze with its diamanté waist and matching choker. It is dark and alluring and, to us, it screams all things ‘Scorpio’.

Sagittarius (22 November–21 December)


The Dilara Mini Dress. Image: Alamour The Label

 Sagittarius’s are among the zodiac’s biggest party animals. They’re wild, adventurous types who love to let everything hang loose—and that includes their personal filter. What others normally leave unsaid the Sagittarius will say out loud. This isn’t to say they’re unfriendly or that they’re not a blast to be around. They just throw out the rules around them and do what they feel in the moment. They probably rebelled or went to a lot of parties in high school.

Their personality makes them the best company at a formal. They would rock the Dilara Mini Dress: a flurry of lilac sequins that blurs the lines between ‘formal’ and ‘fun’. Falling on the purple color spectrum, this dress is oh-so-Sagittarius.


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