Flooring Trends You Must Try for Your Next Renovation Project

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You should keep your house trendy, starting with the floor. This article will provide you with the latest trend in flooring that you must try for your next home renovation project.


Bamboo offers different colors and styles this year. Bamboo is harder than any other wood on the market making it more durable than the rest. A newer product, strand woven bamboo, uses the inner fibers of bamboo making it twice as hard as the original. Just like any other wood flooring, make sure that you keep this away from rooms that are always prone to moisture like kitchens and bathrooms.

Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is much cheaper to produce compared to new lumber, making it more cost-effective than the rest. Factory finished woods are also more able to resist moisture than any wood flooring options on the market.

Large format tiles

Tiles have always been an option for flooring. Recently though, large format tiles have been more in demand. They look better than the smaller ones and require less grouting. You just have to make sure that you have a professional to help you with the installation as it requires a certain level of caution.


Who says corks can only be used as wine stoppers? Cork is now used as flooring since it can reduce noise and is a lot softer to walk on. It also offers a wide variety of colors to choose from and is made to be durable. Keep in mind that cork is sensitive to water and moisture and can fade once exposed to the light of the sun.

Luxury vinyl

This type of flooring combines the classy look of hardwood and the durability of vinyl. It is a waterproof laminate which makes it more resistant to moisture and mold. It is suitable for all parts of your house from the living room to the kitchen and bathrooms.

Cut and loop carpet

Carpets are often used in houses. Most of the carpets nowadays are better designed. They are available in different patterns ranging from soft to bolder ones.


If you are looking for sustainable flooring, you should use hardwood. It left the industry for quite a while but is now making a good comeback offering more design and color options to buyers.


From its usual color, concrete has made its way to back into the flooring competition. It now offers different colors, textures and finishes. It is commonly used as a base surface for flooring but with proper people working on it, you might not need additional flooring to put on top of it. It is cost-effective but may not be as comfortable to walk on as the rest of the flooring types.

There will surely be more innovations to come. The most important thing is that your flooring is durable enough to withstand time, and weather changes. Don’t just go for what is trendy and pretty. Settle for something that will be beneficial for you in the long term.






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