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Five Winter Lawn Landscape Ideas

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Heading into the winter, take advantage of seasonal landscape options to keep your lawn and outdoor extensions looking great and still enjoyable when the temperature dips. Here are some helpful ideas to keep your outdoor areas attractive and functional for family relaxation and holiday entertainment.


Cozy Up Your Outdoor Spaces

Winter in many regions typically comes with occasional good weather days of warm sunshine and gentle breezes. Prepare your patio, porch, and gazebo areas for extended use by keeping those areas clean and free of clutter or debris. Switch out your summer outdoor furniture for hardy variations with anti-rust frames and anti-mold fabrics. Retractable awning for shade and a measure of protection against colder air is affordable and easy to install. Sturdy flooring or floor mats can help to keep the areas warmer for your feet and provide secure footing. If you love the outdoors, buy outdoor heaters also so you can enjoy using the grill or barbecue pit to prepare meals for gatherings with friends and relatives or a casual family cookout. It’ll certainly keep your family and guests warm and happy.

Utilize Warm Lighting

Include warm light fixtures that emit heat and help to brighten cloudy days. Movable lanterns, light sconces on outside walls of the house, and white or colorful light bulbs strung around each space will add warmth in both style and temperature. Solar-powered ground lights around the landscaped areas and along the driveway or sidewalk will increase visibility at dusk or after nightfall.

Add Seasonal Plants

Set up a small nursery for your favorite greenery, or arrange flower beds and hedge borders around the key outside areas of your home. Many kinds of plants, hedges, and flowers can enhance your outdoor areas year-round. For the colder months, plant evergreen shrubs of any size for a seasonal air and festive mood, especially since they require little to no care except trimming when the weather warms up. Winter-blooming flowers like amaryllis, English primrose, hyacinth, and African violets often do well in outdoor settings that are protected from winter’s harshest elements. You can also place them under artificial light in the patio or on your enclosed porch to promote growth. Perennial flowers such as winter jasmine and snowdrops are popular favorites that can be grown in suitable soil or cultivated in decorative pots. You might want to add berry plants that are lovely and easy to care for, such as the winterberry holly and the snowberry among others. Dogwood trees can do well when pruned and consistently watered; they make great accent points at the corners of your home or near the garden if you have one. Potted herbs can also be grown for fresh cooking use all season.

Include Decorative Accents

When deciding a theme for your outdoor leisure areas, choose décor that coordinates with your indoor decorating style but also gives these spaces their own special qualities. Throw cushions, welcome mats, bird feeders, and vinyl fencing are easy ways to enliven these areas and add to their appeal. Include a cozy afghan or an electric heater for added warmth. You may want to set up a reading chair in a place with both sunlight and shade as needed. Television, video games, and computer use can also be accommodated with a desk or small table, comfortable seating, and an electric outlet.

Keep Your Lawn in Good Order

Remove tree limbs that come down on windy days or after a heavy snow. Keep the paths around your home and bordering your patio or porch clear of snow or ice so these areas can be consistently accessed and used. Remove debris or summer toys to give your lawn a neat appearance for visual enjoyment.

Spending time outside when the weather permits is conducive to a person’s health and well being. Take advantage of sunlight and fresh air by optimizing your outdoor space. You can cook, rest, entertain visitors, or take a nap when you arrange your lawn and landscape along with the patio for personal comfort or hosting guests. Update your winter lawn, landscape, and patio for extended enjoyment in wintertime as well as the rest of the year.


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