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Five Fantastic Gifts for Fathers!

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Buying for women is easy. Women, for the most part, love to go shopping. There’s a huge range of products and services just for women. Buying for men? That’s a different matter entirely. Finding the perfect gift for your beloved dad? When it’s for a special day, such as Father’s Day, that can be even harder.

Below are five suggestions to help your search for the perfect present.

1: Buy Him a Book


There are millions of books sold on Father’s Day. For small children, a story book will make the perfect gift. Not only does dad get a gift, but the children get that book read to them.  Double the fun in one present!

Books About his Hobby

Most men have a hobby. Many have a shed where they retreat to at the back of the garden. Who knows what they do in there? No matter how obscure dad’s passion is, someone will have written about it. Whether angling, boat building or painting, there’s plenty of books out there to chose from.

Unique Self-Published Book

“But,” you say, “I want to give him something more personalised.” Books can solve this problem too. There are countless online services that will print your photo book for you. Go through your old photo albums. Pick out the most memorable and emotive photos and arrange them into a book format. Add some funny text to bring a smile to his face. If you’re more of a wordsmith, you can write more descriptive passages.

Perhaps you want to focus in on last year’s family holiday for instance. Or, maybe he’d appreciate a record of his achievements instead. This could be photos of a fishing-addicted father holding up his prize catches. For text, add the location, date and weight of the fish.


Let’s not forget ebooks. Basic ebook readers are inexpensive and make a great gift. It’s easy to buy books and load them on to the device. Or, buy a subscription. Then he can regularly read and download his favorite books or magazines.

2: Order a Personalized Hamper

Once upon a time, hampers were wicker boxes that contained picnics. Over the years, they have transformed. Now these woven baskets can contain anything and everything.

You could build your own hamper. Buy a nice container and line it with fabric. Then go out and buy a mixture of items that your dad would like. This could be clothing, a Swiss Army Knife, a new electric drill – you get the idea.

If you’re too busy to do all that, you can buy ready-made hampers. There is a huge selection out there. You can get Father’s Day hampers filled with delicious foods. Maybe he is more of a wine connoisseur and would prefer a hamper with bottles of quality wine. If beer and snacks are more his thing, there’s a pre-prepared hamper out there for him too.

Most companies that make hampers are online. It’s as easy as doing an Internet search and finding one in your area or country. Then choose your ideal hamper and they’ll deliver it to you or your father.


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3: Get Gadgets and DIY Stuff

Not every man loves messing around with electric tools. A huge number do though. Your dad might a master craftsman with the ability to fix anything. Or maybe he’s a do-it-yourself disaster. Even if he puts up shelves, only to have them fall down a day later, he’ll appreciate new tools. If making, fixing or creating is what makes him happy, then he’ll delight in tools as a gift.

You don’t have to buy expensive electrical tools either. Go into a DIY store and wander around. These shops are a haven for those who love gadgets. There you’ll find a wealth of things to buy. Things that dad doesn’t necessarily need, but which he’d love to have. A garden hose attachment with different settings. A hat with a light attached. A set of 100 drill bits. We all love to get gifts which aren’t necessities, but little luxuries. Dad is no different. DIY dad will love non-essential gadgets.

4: Load his Phone with Apps

Give your dad hours of pleasure by load up his phone with useful apps. There are thousands of phone apps created with men in mind. Does dad love to grill on the barbecue? Get him the Grill Time app and he’ll have the technology to tell him when the meat’s done. How about something to help keep his car running smoothly? There’s an app for that; it helps track miles driven. It also alerts when your car needs maintenance. You can get the app here.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Life is a general guide to being a man. The app includes a variety of information relevant to men. It helps choose the right suit and explains to how to mix a Martini.


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5: Give the Gift of Adventure

Poor dad, working his fingers to the bone day and night. He goes to work, comes back exhausted and stays at home at the weekend. Why not give him a gift to remember? An adventure.

Buy a voucher for an unusual activity and you’re also buying lasting memories. A quick Internet search will bring up a range of adventure options for your area.  Maybe he’d like to try his hand at archery? Expert tutors will tell him all he needs to know to hit the target. Adrenaline-pumping activities include rally car driving, rock climbing and abseiling.

If you’ve noticed on holiday, your dad loves snorkeling, then buy him diving lessons.  With a diving license, on the next holiday he’ll be able to explore hidden depths. Or send him out on a surfboard. There are lessons in windsurfing, traditional surfing or the less challenging paddleboarding.

Why Unusual Gifts Rock

The thing with gift-giving is that it should be thoughtful. The amount of money spent isn’t what makes a present memorable. The thought behind it does. Spending a small amount of money on useful or amusing phone apps is thoughtful. Buying him socks, while acceptable, doesn’t have the same memorable quality. Speaking of being memorable, that’s what unusual and thoughtful gifts are.

We all want to experience events that we can reminisce about in our lives. Cherished memories of happy times stay with us forever. “Remember that time I went go-karting?” your dad will say, years after you bought the voucher. Isn’t that the purpose of gift-giving? To showing your love. Giving something thoughtful and unforgettable does exactly that.


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  • Interesting list for Dad gifts– I tend to fall in the gadget area– but this adventure thoughts is giving me some ideas– Its always fun to come up with a real surprise instead of the same old thing. Thanks for sharing


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