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It is hard to imagine a time now when women were forced to choose between having a family or having a career, but while those gender role boundaries are long behind us at this point, there is no doubt that juggling children and a rewarding career can be tough for even the most super of super moms!

The fashion industry in particular can be a very unforgiving environment for a mother who is just coming out of maternity leave and hoping to resume her place in the world of work. For reasons we absolutely cannot understand, there seems to be a misconception that mothers cannot be effective minds in the world of fashion once they have had children!

We want you to prove this old incorrect notion wrong, but in order to do that, it is worth going over a few of the best pieces of advice that you can find on the internet. With this in mind, here are some great tips for the careers of working mothers who are in the fashion industry.

  • Don’t Rely On Old Contacts

The world of fashion moves quicker than any other, so you can’t necessarily trust that the people who were in your career circle before you had your child are still going to be there when you come back. In order to avoid relying on contacts who may no longer be around, it is always a good idea to refresh your CV and put yourself out there to fresh faces and fresh companies. Using a site like is ideal for getting the help that makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • Do Not Submit To Inconvenient Requests

As a working mother, you need to make sure that your colleagues and superiors understand that you have important responsibilities outside of the workplace. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you need to say yes to every extra assignment and accept all the extra hours just so that you get a good reputation within the team. Stick to your principals, because the sooner your work understands the life/work balance that you are trying to achieve, the better.

  • Use Your Home Life As Inspiration

There is nothing worse in the fashion industry than designers and style makers who try to come up with trends and ideas that mean nothing to them, because fashionistas are truly able to tell when there is no heart and soul in a design. Rather than trying to work in a way that ignores your new family circumstances, it is our opinion that using your motherhood as inspiration can actually lead to more fruitful success and creativity. Think about this way, you are not the only mother in the world, which means there is definitely going to be a market for the kinds of naturally inspired ideas that you might have!

  • Maintain A Strict Schedule

There are always going to be emergencies and special occasions at work that require more of your time than usual, but it is essential that you don’t make a habit of keeping overlong hours in the office or even at your home desk. You don’t want to look back on your fashion career and realize that you had some success at the expense of your relationship and connection with your child or children. As much as you can, try to treat your career in very strict timing terms. When you are switched on, you are very much switched on, but when you are switched off, you need to commit to simply being ‘mom’ and not letting your work take first place every time!


If your desire is to work in or return to the fashion industry, don’t let potential barriers put you off. Resourceful women will always find a way to balance working with a family.


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