Creative & Wonderful Ways To Celebrate Your 50th Wedding Anniversary

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Every anniversary is special, but there’s certainly good reason to call the 50th anniversary the golden anniversary. Your love is strong, and has sure stood the test of time! Fifty years is truly something to celebrate. Since it’s the golden anniversary, it’s an excellent opportunity for some glitz and glam in your celebrations and gift choices. But if you’re feeling a little non-traditional, there are plenty of gifts and anniversary date ideas that pack all the golden glamour, while still embracing the unique moments that have made up your love story, now, and in the future!

Have An Unforgettable Adventure Vacation


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Everyone’s got a bucket list. After a lifetime of memories together, embrace your adventurous side, and choose a couple’s vacation that helps make all your dreams come true! There are some pretty unique and wonderful ideas to plan the perfect 50th anniversary getaway.

Whether you’ve always wanted to visit the rainforest, climb Mount Everest, or scuba dive off the Great Barrier Reef, there’s a vacation package just perfect for the couple who are always ready for their next great adventure.

Go Back To Where It All Began

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Do you remember your first date? Where did you meet? Where were you married? Every couple has a particular spot, and your 50th is a great time to renew old memories. Take a walk down memory lane by booking the honeymoon suite for your anniversary. Visit the venue where you married for a big anniversary bash, even more lavish than your fairytale wedding. Whether it’s an intimate setting for the two of you or a beautiful spot to renew your vows, a nostalgic experience makes for a great way to embrace the future, and still appreciate everything that brought you here.

Get Glammed Up

50th is the golden anniversary, and it’s a great excuse to throw a lavish party! Get dressed up, and don’t skimp on the glitz and glam. Play your favorite movies, hire a caterer, and spend the time reliving your best memories with family and friends. Get your loved ones involved in a big project or surprise party for your spouse. Don’t be afraid to make it formal, and go all out. You made it to 50 years. You both deserve it!

Grow Together

After 50 years together, you’ve undoubtedly grown a lot together. Renew your commitment to growing together by taking a class. If you’re usually homebodies, this is a great way to get out. It’s also more intimate a gift than a big anniversary bash. You can personalize this one however you’d like. If you’re a couple who loves to go out dancing, a dance class together is a great gift to share. If one of you does most of the cooking at home, taking a cooking class together can help spark some magic in the kitchen. What about an art or language class, to create new memories and unlock new creative expression to grow into together? Learning something new together is a great way to stay connected, reflect on the growth you’ve done together, and keep right on growing!

Plan A Second Honeymoon

The best part about a 50th anniversary is that it’s a great chance to renew vows. Revisit old promises you made for each other and the goals you wanted to reach together. And the best part of that? Is planning your second honeymoon! Plenty of couples don’t even get to enjoy the first one, since weddings tend to cost, and starting a life together isn’t cheap. Now that you’re (hopefully) a lot more stable, and you’ve got a lifetime together under your belt, spoil yourself! Embrace your inner romantic on a beach holiday, or that whirlwind trip around Europe. Go on the honeymoon you always wished you could when you were young. You’d be amazed at how it brings back all your hopes and dreams for your married life.

Spend Time Just The Two Of You

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Don’t feel pressured to plan an outing with friends. This day is about the two of you. Take time to celebrate with your kids, and mutual friends, but spend time alone together too. If you can’t get away, spend a day together. Revisit old haunts, take a carriage ride in the park. Maybe go on a hike or bike ride, or spend a weekend at a couple’s spa. Your 50th wedding anniversary is a big deal, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your intimate moments together. Celebrate each other with personalized gifts, and take a quiet minute to be together, even if your family want to enjoy the celebration with you. You made it this far. Congratulate yourselves, and enjoy the moment together!


Your 50th wedding anniversary is always going to be special. Making it through 50 years of change, chaos, and developing together is no small feat. Of course, you want to celebrate that! But what is the best way to do it? Vacation, just between the two of you? Renewal of vows in front of all your family and friends? Should you take the opportunity to knock a few items off the bucket list, or spend some intimate time together reliving old memories and planning for the new ones? There are so many ways to celebrate your golden anniversaries. Whatever you choose, make it memorable!



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