Exit Your Wedding in Style with Personalized Wedding Number Plates

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Meta: You can exit your wedding in style when you ride out with a fully decorated getaway car that has everything from tulle to personalized wedding number plates.

The last thing your guests are going to remember from your wedding is the exit of the bride and groom. This means that your wedding getaway is your last chance to leave your guests speechless with your choice in décor.

Not everyone’s budget is the same, so some people can afford to rent a vintage car while others have to use their own. Regardless of what car you’re using, you can always transform it into another vehicle by decorating it from top to bottom.

Each year brings new wedding trends to follow, and 2018 is all about the personalized wedding number plates. Since you have to make a statement with your getaway car, you can readily make one when you place a personalized wedding number plate on your car.

Keep reading for more tips in regards to decorating your wedding getaway car.

Tips on Decorating your Wedding Getaway Car

  • Pinpoint a Theme

Once you figure out what type of wedding getaway car you’re using, you can take the next step regarding how you will approach decorating it. You can hire a team of people to decorate the car for you, but you’ll be lost if you have no clue as to how you want to decorate it.

Without having an idea as to what theme you want the car décor to adhere to, no one can help you make it unique and cater to your taste. If you’re renting a vintage car, then you know you can take the Bohemian or the classical route with the décor. A modern car would call for futuristic inspired designs.

  • Use Colorful Fabrics

You can easily add a bit of flair to the getaway car by draping colorful fabrics alongside it. You can’t use just any regular fabric because it might not hang well. The tulle you’ll find on ballerina costumes is the same fabric that could be your go-to in regards to decorating your wedding car.

Since tulle consists of light yet incredibly fine stiff netting, it’s safe to drape either on the front or side of the car. Depending on your wedding’s theme, you could opt out for a range of colorful tulle fabric or keep it simple with white tulle.

  • Personalized Wedding Number Plates

If you want to let your creativity run wild, you should consider adding personalized wedding number plates to your getaway car. Most people decide on attaching the “Just Married” number plate to their car, but this is unoriginal.

You can take a unique approach when it comes to the wedding number plate and personalize it to suit your needs. For example, some number plates will have space for the name of both the bride and groom with hearts surrounding the names.

Some personalized wedding number plates have football designs on them that show the bride’s allegiance on one side, and the groom’s on the other.

If you’re not up for one that’s too intricate design-wise, you could choose a wedding number plate that looks similar to the real thing. Instead of having a string of letters and numbers, the number plate will have a combination of the couple’s names and the phrase “Just Married.”

Personalized wedding number plates also let other strangers know that you have just gotten married, so if they wanted to they could congratulate you. This getaway car décor gets the message across in a simple manner that will complement your other wedding décor.


We are only scratching the surface in regards to the numerous ways you could decorate your wedding getaway car. The best way to get wedding decoration ideas is to draw inspiration from how others have thrown their weddings.

All the most memorable and noteworthy weddings of 2018 all had personalized wedding number plates, so it would be a wise move for you to include one in yours as well.



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