Everything You’ll Need for Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

Another year in your child’s life has passed, and it’s time to celebrate his or her birthday. Maybe your child has decided to just have a few friends over for a backyard barbeque or is hoping for an all-out event that includes a visit from a favorite character. Whatever your budget and time constraints, you have a multitude of options to choose from to make this birthday the one to remember.

Something sweet and simple

For something simple, look no further than a DIY theme. Keep your colors to a primary color palette, so that your décor will be easy to find, and you’ll have several options for streamers, plates, napkins, and cutlery. You can find these items and more at a local dollar store. For a more personal touch, use photos of special moments to adorn food tables or use them as centerpieces. Make your own cake and add a special message for the birthday girl or boy, or use small toys to add an extra bit of personalization. You can also create a photo booth wall as a way to have a record of who was there for your child’s special day. Lay out dress-up clothes and make some fun accessories out of cardboard for the guests to use in their snapshots.

If it’s warm enough out, create lasting memories by letting the party goers run through the sprinklers or have a shot at a water slide. In the colder months, have arts and crafts so that they create something they can take home with them. And for snacks, finger foods like little smokies and cookies can round out this celebration, with lots of time for games and presents as well.

A party fit for royalty

If your child is wishing for a little extra “oomph” for the get-together, party rentals are the way to go. You’ll find options in nearly every state for these. Just make sure to keep your child’s age and the number of friends they’ll be inviting in mind. The location of the party can also determine what kind of entertainment you provide. If you’ve got extra room and the guests have a lot of energy, bounce house rentals in NYC are your surest bet. Choose your bounce house or castle and then base your theme and décor around that. If a Frozen party is all your little one wants, after the kids are done bouncing with Olaf and Sven, bring them in for a sing-along to the soundtrack on a karaoke machine (a rousing rendition of “Let It Go” is sure to get their attention), and have costumes ready for a magical afternoon. Watch their eyes light up in delight as your child and the others turn into Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, or even the Duke of Weselton.

Send them off in style

To close out the day, give out goodie bags that are on-theme and fill them with your child’s favorite things. If they’re into art, send the friends home with supplies to create their own masterpieces. If sports are what grabs their attention, a blow-up ball or whistle is the way to go. Don’t forget to look for products that go with the party itself. Snoopy pencils are a great call-back to a Charlie Brown party and can be used long after the last candle is blown out.

Regardless of the theme, size, or the number of guests who attend, be sure you don’t lose sight of why you’re doing it: You’re celebrating your child and spending time with their nearest and dearest. They may not remember all the work you put in before the party, but they will remember the smiles, laughter, and special moments with all the people they love most in the world.



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