5 Latest Home Improvement Trends In Ireland for 2019

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The internet has become a very great venue not just for socializing, but also for learning and sharing knowledge to people. Such knowledge sharing includes what are the essentials for starting a home with a new family in Ireland.

One prevalent need for every home is the insurance. Home insurances are now much more important and accessible. Not only is a home insurance common requirement for lenders but also an investment that helps protect people’s homes in case of fire or any natural disasters.

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Other than a home insurance, below are some top trends in home improvement which are now considered as an essential option if you’re building a home:

1)    Energy Saving Appliances and Circuitry. With the increasing demand and price hike of energy consumptions. Companies have thrived to develop appliances which are more efficient in terms of the power consumption. The availability of such appliances has led to lesser amount of electric bills for household, almost cutting normal electric consumption by up to 50%.

Additionally, the use of LED technology as the major source of lighting in homes has also helped in decreasing average power consumption in Ireland. Among the home improvement trends in this article, this is most efficient, but also very economical!

2)    Solar Panels. Many world leaders and public personalities have urged the use of eco-friendly source of energy instead of coal. In the light of this, the availability of solar panels has become more accessible that people can buy it from a store and set it up themselves. All it takes is a good spot for your panel to catch some sunlight and your family can contribute into making planet Earth sustain its natural resources for a longer duration.

3)    Home / IOT Automation. Many IOT companies from every part of Ireland (and the world!) have developed various versions of home automations. Some vary with the degree of control or automation they have over your home. Just a few of these automations include, opening the lights, warming or cooling your room, starting the coffee maker or shower. To put it simply, this is one of the home improvement trends that make your life easier.

4)    Open Plan Designs. Having an open plan kitchens have become more popular in Irish homes in the recent years. This add values to the property but also gives the space a bigger feel and even gives opportunities for homeowners to become more innovative in terms of designing the interiors and maximizing the storage within the house.

5)    Eco-Friendly Rooms. If it isn’t anymore clear, going green and becoming environmental friendly is the one of the best home improvement trends in Ireland. The use of organic materials for room designs and materials gives homeowners a more refreshing feeling, especially in the bathroom! Not only do the designs promote the health of environment, but also the usage of organic toiletries and condiments advocate the wellbeing of mankind.



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