Why an escape room is the best outing choice

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There are good reasons why the popularity of escape rooms is on the increase. This is because they provide the best way to spend time with family, friends and work colleagues. Whether you have gone to one or not before, you should always consider several things before booking an escape room. You can get a different challenge for different rooms, making it necessary to pick one that will meet the needs of your group. This post discusses the factors to consider before choosing a suitable escape room.

Level of difficulty

It makes sense to look for an escape room that offers the level of your ability and experience. The most difficult escape rooms are not ideal if you aren’t experienced or there are younger children in your group. Instead, you should choose the easiest escape rooms so that everyone can have fun playing the games. You can only go for the most challenging games when you acquire the necessary experience.

Besides, escape rooms should have captivating themes. You see, these themes will determine whether your group will enjoy playing the games or not. For example, for sci-fi fans, choose a theme that reflects your interest. Likewise, there should be a variety of themes and storylines to ensure you have a wide range of choices. The bottom line is that the themes should be engaging.

The location of an escape room

It’s important to choose an escape room that is in the right location. Here is why you should do this. When you go to an escape room, there are good chances that you might want to access other services. Therefore, the best escape room should be close to local amenities like cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and many more.

Review sites like TripAdvisor can give you a clear picture of an escape room you intend to book. Best of all, you can read customer reviews and understand how they felt when they went to the escape room. Hence, look out for their comments on the customer service, the location, and the rooms.

Type of bookings

Another critical factor to consider is whether they provide private or public booking. Here is the deal, if you want to go to an escape room with two or three people, perhaps some escape rooms might mix your group with other smaller groups to create a single larger group. Unfortunately, this can cause some discomfort considering that you can be playing games with people you are not familiar with. Thankfully, many escape rooms service providers, such as Escape Ops provide only private bookings.

This is the reason why you should always check the number of players an escape room game can be played by. If you are 5 people in your group, look for an escape room that accommodates 5 people playing simultaneously. Remember that it can sometimes be difficult to find escape rooms that fit larger groups who desire to play at the same time.

Aside from this, find out the average completion rate and time for the escape rooms. This will help you determine the level of difficulty for each room. The good news for competitive players is that this helps you to plan the target time to win.



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