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Ear Piercing- 3 Lesser-Known Benefits and How to Find the Best Piercer

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Though most of us use it to express our looks and style, ear piercing is far more than just a current trend. 

The health benefits we will be discussing in this article will help you understand why it is a part of many traditions across the globe. 

Besides that, we will also discuss how you can find the best company for ear piercing in Seattle so that you don’t have to look elsewhere for information on piercers. 

So, let us first look at three lesser-known health benefits:

  1.     It helps relieve pain

Our earlobe is a microsystem connecting to various body parts like the spine, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, etc. 

Much like acupressure, when certain parts of the inner ear are pressed appropriately, they tend to relieve back pain. 

Most tribal and urban cultures adopted the practice of piercing out of its sheer benefits in digestion. 

Apart from that, piercing also helps women with their menstrual cramps. The upper ear connects to the cavum pelvis, uterus and other stomach parts. When the upper ear is pierced, women tend to experience less menstrual pain and better gut health. 

  1.     Helps with appetite

If you tend to overeat or smoke a lot, an ear piercing may help greatly. The tragus, a flap that extends from your head to your ear’s opening, connects body parts like the pharynx and adrenal glands and controls neurological functions like thirst and hunger.

Therefore, the urge to smoke or eat will substantially reduce when earlobes are pressed correctly. 

  1.     Helps with sleep

If you have trouble sleeping or suffer from depression and allergies, a helix ear piercing will greatly help you. 

The upper part of your ear is called the helix and is linked to areas that trigger insomnia, allergy and depression. 

If the helix is pressed constantly, your allergies, insomnia and depression problems will be substantially curbed. 

Now that you know why you should own a jewelry set and get your ear pierced let us look at some tips to help you find the right jewelry shop. 

Let’s take a look:

  • Look for reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings are good indicators of a business’s authenticity; if you see a mix of good and bad reviews about a jewelry business on Google, it is a positive sign that reviews are authentic and not tampered with. 

So, consider the reviews before heading to a jewelry shop. 

  • Inquire about their experience

You would want to be sure that you have an experienced ear piercer who works for you. That is why experience is of immense value. An experienced shop will have trained, and qualified experts working for them. Unlike a local piercer, those trained professionals are highly-likely to pierce your ear with surgical precision and caution.

  • Do they provide aftercare instructions?

Most professional piercers would provide aftercare instructions where they may suggest some products and give you sanitary instructions. If they are not doing that, they may not be the right people to work with. 

  • Ask your friends for recommendations.

If anyone in your family has got ear piercing done, they can surely be a live example of how your ear will most likely be in the future. Ask them about their experience with the piercer and see if they can recommend someone. If your friend or family member shows you a green signal, you can bypass all the above points and book your slot. 

Final Thoughts

Ear piercing enhances your appearance and improves your neurological and immune system. It helps with menstrual cramps and back pain and curbs nicotine urge. 

So, follow these tips above and contact an authentic piercer for a no-obligation quote. 




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