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DIY Dad – 5 Nifty Do-it-Yourself Projects for the Father of the House

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There comes a time when a man wants to break out his tools and fix or make something. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as he’s using his hands and challenging his mind to do it. Men are natural creators and problem solvers, so here are a handful of nifty projects that are perfect for the father of the house.


1. Secure and Protect the Home

In addition to being problem solvers and creators, men are protectors. Appealing to that sense of duty to protect one’s home and family, installing a smart home door lock or two is an easy afternoon DIY project.

Smart locks take securing your home to a whole new level by using advanced technology that works with your smartphone to alert you to the comings and goings at your home as well as allow you to text limited-time entry codes to family, friends, or contractors who may need to gain access into your home while you’re away.

2. A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

If your work area is cluttered and unorganized, and you have a hard time finding the tools you need when you need them, it’s time to build a tool rack that gives each spanner, wrench, and hammer a home.

This 48-inch by 48-inch versatile rack has adjustable tool hangers, making it customizable to hold all kinds of stuff, and with your tools within easy reach, who knows what project you’ll tackle next!

3. Something for the Backyard

If you’re the type that likes to sit by a roaring fire, this DIY firepit made from old tire rims is right up your alley. If you’re like most men, you probably have a few old rims lying around, but if not, you can pick up a couple for cheap at your local auto salvage yard. Keep in mind that the smaller car tire rims will produce a small fire pit. For a bigger, more impressive pit, choose truck or tractor tire rims for this project.

4. A Garage That Does Double Duty

If your garage connects to your house, it’s a good bet that the area that leads into your home contains a plethora of coats, shoes, boots, backpacks and everything else the family sees fit to throw there as they enter the house. If you follow this DIY tutorial, you can organize that mess into a mudroom complete with plenty of storage for all kinds of things.

Fair warning here, guys. This do-it-yourself project isn’t a quick one. It will probably take a weekend to complete.

5. A Garage-Sized Tape Dispenser

How many rolls of duct tape, painter’s tape, and masking tape do you have lying around your garage right now? Can you even find the roll of tape you need when you need it? Here’s a handy garage-sized tape dispenser that’s easy to make and sure to make your life easier.

This nifty little tape dispenser is even better because it includes a mounted hacksaw blade that lets you tear pieces of tape off cleanly and efficiently with just one hand!

If you feel like getting creative and doing something with your hands, there is plenty of inspiration to be found. Whether it’s fixing something, making something from scratch, or protecting your home and family, these do-it-yourself projects are sure to keep your hands busy as you create masterpieces for the home.


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