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Discover Simple Ways to Achieve That Youthful Look.

Watching your skin and body change throughout the years is frustrating for people who see themselves as 20-something every decade. You might be fearful of invasive procedures offered by certain facilities, such as The Hospital Group locations, but these institutions provide alternative services as well. Consider the simple and noninvasive treatments available today so that you can have that youthful skin yet again.

Sculpting Your Body with Cold Treatments

There’s no need to have a liposuction treatment when you can remove the fatty tissue using cold treatments. Coolsculpting is a process where doctors treat a problem area with a cold press. The tissue slowly dies back over several months, and it’s removed through your normal, internal waste systems. Patients see ongoing results over several months. They lose weight, but without the invasive nature of a traditional surgery.

Revealing a New Face with Microdermabrasion Treatments

Your skin is a complex set of layers that can be manipulated to appear younger with a simple microdermabrasion procedure. Dermatologists use a pen-like machine where tiny crystals spray out onto your face. These crystals slowly exfoliate your skin so that it reveals the second layer just below the visible one. This lower layer is usually void of major wrinkles and imperfections. Microdermabrasion can be completed during a person’s lunch hour without any major side effects.

Understanding Botox Injections

Botox has been around for many years, but some consumers are still confused about its use. This substance actually paralyses the muscles within an immediate region. Because the muscles cannot contract as they once did, the face appears to have fewer wrinkles as a result. Botox is safe for most patients, and it has a high satisfaction rate. This treatment isn’t permanent, however, so multiple visits to the dermatologist will be necessary.

Dealing with Double Chins

Radio frequencies, ultrasound waves and heat are all used in various combinations to treat double chins. You don’t need to have an invasive facial surgery where doctors physically pull your chin back into a tight position. Heat and wave technology can be used as an alternative. You’ll see results after just one treatment. The chin will tighten up over several weeks.

Discovering Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronic fillers are substances that are injected into your wrinkles. Unlike Botox, fillers actually stimulate natural collagen production. You want your skin to have more collagen because this substance gives your skin elasticity. As a result, you’ll have fewer wrinkles as you agree to more filler treatments in the future. Each dermatologist has a different type of filler, and they’ll match the right one to your needs. They should verify if you have any allergy issues before administering the substance.

A qualified dermatologist is the best professional to seek out as you consider any plastic surgery. Speak with several professionals before you settle on just one individual. Although most dermatologists have similar educational backgrounds, every professional specializes in various procedures. Select a doctor who dedicates their practice to youthful skin, and you’ll have a partner for life.


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